True and false pure dew identification column
How to distinguish true and false pure dew? 4

On the Internet, the method of measuring the acid-base value of pure dew and shaking to see if the foam has disappeared cannot be detected! The pH value of the fake pure dew can be adjusted with an acidity regulator. Adding alcohol can eliminate the bubbles of the fake pure dew as soon as possible (but you can smell the alcohol). There are too many blending methods and formulas. The blended water should be called a toner rather than a natural pure lotion.

To distinguish, I conclude that it can be based on the following methods:
1. Smell, this is more difficult to describe. People who use a lot of pure dew can distinguish it by their own nose without other methods. The nose will not lie to you. The smell of pure dew has layers, not the same kind of fragrance. . Besides, except for rose hydrosol and orange blossom hydrosol which are fragrant, other hydrosols are not scented at all. If you smell lavender hydrosol is fragrant, it must be perfumed, and the real lavender hydrosol looks like Chinese herbal medicine tastes right!
2. The label says 100% pure dew and flower water, but there are really petals in it, not pure dew, it's just a synthetic toner, the petals are put in afterwards!

3. Hydrosol is a natural product, no artificial moisturizer is added, see the full ingredient list: if it contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ethanol, needless to say, this is a lotion, not a real natural hydrosol.

4. This is relatively easy, that is, the texture of the pure dew is like water, it is not sticky at all. If it is sticky on the face, it is definitely not pure pure dew. Other things have been added, pure pure dew , Apply on the face to absorb quickly, very refreshing!

Several kinds of fake hydrosols common on the market:
1. Water made from essential oils or essences: As the cost of real good hydrosols is not low, some merchants use inferior essential oils or essences to make fake hydrosols with water. In addition to a small amount of essential oils, a real hydrosol contains more water-soluble esters, acids and triterpenoids that are not in essential oils.

2. Toner pretends to be a pure lotion: the real pure lotion is a pure natural product without added distillation, while the toner is composed of water, moisturizers, surfactants, fragrances, alcohol and other ingredients. Long-term large-scale use will cause damage to the skin.

3. Tap water and dried flowers for distillation: Many small workshops use tap water and dried flowers for distillation because they don't have the resources to purchase flowers. Dried flowers are like dehydrated vegetables, and a lot of nutrients are lost.

4. Repeated distillation with water: the real good pure dew is the first saturated pure dew, that is, the first pure dew obtained in the first 4 hours after distillation. 100KG of fresh flowers can only have a high-quality pure dew of about 100KG at most. Some manufacturers want to produce more pure dew. The dew is repeatedly distilled with water, the dew is diluted, and the nutritional content is not as good as that of the first pure dew. This is why the price of pure dew has such a big gap. The price of pure dew is also a price, and some sellers sell pure dew. 200 yuan and 500 ml free shipping, the quality can be imagined, the price of the real first saturated imported pure dew is above a certain price.