True and false pure dew identification column
Pure dew and flower water are silly and confused? 4

Is hydrosol not equal to flower water? Is it a different product?
How do I get this definition? To explain, calling flower water or pure dew does not have to be formal in the name, nor does it need to care about the name of the distillation part

100% flower water pure dew means the saturated plant distilled water obtained by the condensation of distilled essential oils. The saturated meaning mainly means that more essential oils cannot be dissolved, and the essential oils that cannot be dissolved are refined and separated. This layer of distilled water is saturated Yes, as the name suggests, this 100% floral water dew must be pure, without any additions, must be saturated, and not diluted with water.

Let's talk about flower water. The name flower water has been overused, but all kinds of lotions that are tinged with essential oils or pure dew, and even some lotions that only look like petals, have begun to be called flower water. Because the concept of flower water is used indiscriminately, pure dew and flower water are used to distinguish the broad and profound Chinese. Most of the flower waters on the market are these types: essential oil + water makeup lotion, or pure dew + water makeup lotion, generally there will be alcohol solvents and preservatives in it, for good There are some smelling scents, and some others add some moisturizers for better moisturizing effect, but these are not natural flower water pure lotions.

For example, Afu Damask Rose Hydrosol, a highly concerned Afu brand in mainland China, look at its ingredient list:

There are two ingredients in the ingredient list, rose flower water and a preservative methyl isothiazolinone.
I feel that Afu is quite honest. It is estimated that it has a three-year shelf life. The anti-corrosion by pure dew itself is only about one year, and the three-year shelf life can not be achieved, so put preservatives. Judging from the ingredient list, this is a pure dew with preservatives, which is close to 100% pure dew. If no other ingredients are added, the original natural ingredients contained in the pure dew will not be broken. It is just preservative. Adding will increase sensitization, and some people with sensitive skin have an increased probability of allergy.

For another example, it is also an Australian brand. In recent years, the promotion has been very strong, and the sales have been very hot. When I saw this ingredient list, I was really speechless.

This product name and ingredient list is simply a slap on the face. At any rate, there is rose essential oil, rose water, and even rose extracts. It's fair to say, but there are more than a dozen ingredients, all of which are moisturizers and preservatives, but none of them are tinged with roses. Then I go. The product description you see looks like this:

I really don’t know what it feels like after so many users actually use it. There is always a smell of rose to deceive it. I guess I can only rely on the essence.

In addition to looking at the ingredients, more discrimination is basically done by professionals based on smell, experience or test reports, which is not something ordinary users can master.