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What is the difference between pure lotion and general toner? 4

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The current executive standard of Flower Water Pure Lotion is QB/T2660-2004, which is the general executive standard of lotion. To say the difference, the general lotion is composed of a variety of ingredient formulas. The general lotion is water + low-cost moisturizer + thickener + preservative. Some are added with alcohol for refreshing, and some are for beautiful color and fragrance. Colors and flavors will be added, and the hydrosol is 100% plant distilled water transported to the cosmetics factory for packaging. From the production process of the cosmetics factory, there is no need to make any formula, it is to do sterilization and packaging.

In terms of mildness and cost, a good-quality pure pure lotion has a higher cost and mildness than a general lotion.