True and false pure dew identification column
The key factors affecting the quality of a bottle of hydrosol 4

The key factor that affects the quality of a bottle of hydrosol, the aromatic active ingredients of a good hydrosol and a bad hydrosol are very different!

1. Abnormal climate:Excessive high temperature causes aggravated loss of irrigation water due to evapotranspiration, affects crop maturity, and relatively shortens the harvest period. Low temperature causes freezing damage. Plants will adjust to cope with environmental changes, resulting in differences in the molecules, taste and smell of pure dew.

2. The difference of flower material:Dried flowers and fresh flowers

3. Differences in production areas:Plants of the same species will change with the change of production area, and the differences in planting altitude, topography and soil will all affect the active ingredients of pure dew. This is why it is the same as Damascus Rose Hydrosol. The quality of Bulgarian hydrosol is much higher than that produced in some parts of the country, because the Balkans is the most suitable for growing roses!

4. Differences in harvest stage:Plants at different growth stages have different chemical compounds in their bodies. After harvesting, with the length of withering time, the extraction molecules and odors of pure dew will also be different. This is why the farm always distills the picked plants in the first place. As the plants wither away, the nutrients will also be lost!

5. Extraction method:Different distillation methods such as water distillation, steam distillation, and SPMD film will affect the effective ingredients, aroma and taste of the pure dew.