Lavender handmade soap 3

Lavender handmade soap

Material A:
1. 140g of sodium hydroxide
2. 350g of ice lavender hydrosol

Material B:
1. 250g of coconut oil
2. 250g of palm oil
3. 500g of olive oil

Material C:
1. 15ml of lavender essential oil Tool: 1 . 1 stainless steel cup (above 1000cc capacity) 2. A water cup (above 5000cc capacity) 2. Stainless steel pot (above 2000cc capacity) 3. A stainless steel chopstick 4. A small steel cup (above 100cc capacity) 5. Stirrer/ Whisk 6. 2 thermometers (one for measuring oil temperature, one for measuring lye) 7. Small measuring cup (for essential oil) 8. Mold (beverage box, milk carton, or acrylic mold for soap, silicone mold Etc.) 9. Rubber spatula 10. Incubator/carton/styrofoam box operation step A: 1. Put 140 grams of sodium hydroxide into a steel cup. 2. Fill the water cup with 350 grams of ice lavender dew. 3 . Move the cup with ice lavender hydrosol and the steel cup with sodium hydroxide under the kitchen range hood. 4. Pour ice lavender hydrosol several times slowly into the steel cup with sodium hydroxide , While pouring and blending with stainless steel chopsticks. 
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