10 must-have dew sprays 3

10 must-have dew sprays

Definition of skin

Epidermal part

Before using skin care products, you should have a better understanding of your skin and your own skin condition. Below we do some basic introductions, hoping to give you a systematic concept.

Skin structure
The skin is the largest organ of the human body with uneven thickness and slight differences in structure. On the whole, it is to protect the body, and many secretions are also present for this purpose. The skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

There is no blood vessel distribution in the epidermal layer. There is the outermost layer of the skin, which is divided into five layers with thickness ranging from 0.06mm to 3mm:

1. The stratum corneum: Located at the first line of defense between the skin and the outside world, it is mainly composed of keratinocytes and provides water resistance and protection. The outer layer is a lipid barrier formed by sterols and fatty acids, and the inner layer contains about 15-25%. The moisturizing factor (NMF natural moisturizing factor) to maintain normal skin content.
2. Transparent layer : with some transparent substances, this layer only exists in the palms and soles of the feet, with positive electrons, which can neutralize external alkaline substances.
3. The stratum granulosum: the structure contains transparent particles, so the cells begin to age gradually, and appear flat, spinning, with negative electrons that can neutralize foreign acidic substances, forming a natural skin with the transparent layer. The neutralization zone.
4. Stratum spinosum: It is composed of many round cells. The immunological Langerhans cell is also among them. It is the thickest in the epidermal layer. Lymph fluid flows here and is responsible for nutritional supply.
5. Basal cell layer: The melanin that most girls hate most exists here. This is the area where the epidermis and the dermis are in contact. The cells in this area are cylindrical and contain keratinocytes and melanocytes. This is also the place where the cells are regenerated. The papillary capillaries in the dermis will provide nutrients. If the cells in this layer are damaged, the skin will be more difficult to restore smoothness.

Generally speaking, cells keep dividing to produce new cells. It takes about two weeks for a cell to gradually move from the basal layer to the stratum corneum, and it takes about 28 days to completely fall off. However, there are differences in personal physiological conditions and age.
The skin is the most extensive and heaviest organ in the body. It can stretch to an area of ​​1,5 square meters and weighs an average of 3 kg, which is more than the weight of the brain!
Its thickness is only a few millimeters. The skin of the face is thicker than the skin of the body, and the skin of men is thicker than that of women. Each square centimeter of skin contains 3 million cells and: 10 hairs-15 sebaceous glands,- 100 sweat glands,-3 blood vessels,-12 nerves.

Flower water hydrosol has small molecules and can be used as any lotion

The experimental report of Flower Water Pure Dew is nano-level


Pure open-air students are hydrating

But pure lotion is completely different from lotion: lotion is a combination of chemical ingredients, usually containing alcohol, salicylic acid, etc.

Hydrosol is distilled and extracted from natural plants with no extra chemical ingredients added.

From a microscopic point of view, the molecular structure of the lotion is large and it is not easily absorbed by the skin.
Pure lotion is composed of small molecules, has strong penetrating power, can reach the bottom of the muscle directly, and nutrients are more easily absorbed by the skin.
General skin care products can only be left in the stratum corneum, while the single pure lotion has a small molecule, which is about 1/70 of that of ordinary skin care products.
It can quickly penetrate into the dermis and repair the skin directly in the dermis

Flower Water Hydrosol is pure plant ingredients and will not cause skin sensitivity and allergies

Does Hydrosol only extract one ingredient? A big mistake, for example, Lavender Hydrosol contains a small amount of lavender essential oil.
And lavender essential oil has analyzed 1,200 kinds of aromatic substances.

Moreover, the pure lotion contains many kinds of micronutrients, which are used to balance the skin.

In addition to moisturizers, ordinary makeup water may also add flavors, preservatives, solubilizers and surfactants, which are not good.

It’s not that natural things cannot be used

It is true that things taken directly from nature are likely to cause allergies, so they must go through the extraction process. For example, the distillation of hydrosol is a process.

In addition, allergies are related to skin conditions and the body’s immune system. It does not mean that natural things must not be allergic, or industrial things must be allergic.
If you are worried, be sure to perform an allergy test on the wrist or behind the ear.

Advantages of spray bottle

It can be hydrated at any time to reduce the discomfort caused by lack of water, and it is convenient to carry it to replenish the skin. The spray is added with nitrogen to keep fresh. It can retain the fragrance and prevent the entry of air bacteria
Normal plastic bottles are not tightly sealed. Air and bacteria will enter the product, so preservatives are added to keep it fresh. That is incorrect.


10 bottles of easy-to-use hydrosol spray recommended

1. Rose Bulgarian Floral Water

Rose water pure dew smells almost like fresh roses, and its scent is extremely complex, which is really wonderful like a fairy. Rose water is an alternative to hormone replacement therapy, which can help women after menopause. Through it It balances the effect of the endocrine system, can deal with premenstrual syndrome, menstrual pain, and emotional ups and downs. It can deal with the autonomic nervous system and make you feel very good.

Chinese medicine believes that roses are sweet and can replenish temper. The Five Elements Theory of TCM believes that the spleen and stomach belong to the soil, and the sweetness is also of the soil. The spleen and stomach are treated with roses, and the other organs are also dipped. In this regard, Zhang Jingyue, a physician in the Ming Dynasty, said: "Rusty is the source of all things, and stomach qi is the main source of health. A strong stomach will be strong, a weak stomach will be weak, a stomach will give birth, and no stomach will die. First.” It can be seen that the spleen and stomach can nourish other internal organs by dissolving anger and blood, so treating the spleen and stomach can calm the five internal organs.

In addition to replenishing the spleen and enhancing the physiological functions of the spleen and stomach, roses can also relieve the liver and relieve depression. This is because roses have a delicate scent. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the aroma can promote qi and blood circulation, so diet therapy with roses can also nourish liver. For women, diet therapy with roses not only helps to get rid of anxiety and depression, but also improves liver depression and discomfort such as dark complexion, dysmenorrhea, breast tenderness and so on. In addition, it can moisturize the intestines and relax the bowels and refresh the breath. It can be seen that the effects of roses are quite numerous.

You can spray the rose water dew in the cup to make the water full of fragrance to make you feel happy and healthy (note that it must be pure natural and chemical-free pure dew). It can also be sprayed on the hair
Let the hair have a rose scent (the pure natural scent cannot last, this is natural)

Rose water is a skin moisturizer that can increase and maintain skin moisture. It is suitable for normal to dry, mature, sensitive and dull skin. Rose has a cooling and very mild astringent effect, which is very suitable for use Facial mask, steaming face, wet compress and adding it to any beauty products can form an anti-wrinkle function. Use it to bathe to relax and rejuvenate.


 2. Chamomile German Floral Water


German chamomile flower water is the main anti-inflammatory agent for the body, whether taken internally or externally.
All the symptoms that cause skin redness are helpful, such as skin rash, burns, sunburn, itchy skin,
Even some eczema, psoriasis and help to clear atopic dermatitis.

In addition, for inflamed or swollen veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis and varicose veins,
Both can be treated as a wet compress with German chamomile flower water alone or with half of witch hazel or rock rose pure dew.
The antibacterial cleaning effect of German Chamomile Hydrosol is very good. You can use wet compress or rinse to treat mold infections.
Sensitive, inflamed or problematic skin. It can be treated with German chamomile essential oil (but it depends on the situation).

Using undiluted German chamomile flower water as a spray can remove the smell of foot sweat.
It can also be used as a lavage agent for the treatment of fungal infections of the vulva, urinary tract and vaginal infections.
German Chamomile Hydrosol can help digestion, calm the small intestine, and is also effective for the symptoms of intra-abdominal ulcers.

German Chamomile Pure Dew has super energy and has a very powerful calming and sleeping effect. It has particularly comforting energy for psychological and emotional.

German chamomile can immediately eliminate psychological anxiety, it has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system,
Spraying the whole body can achieve sedation, focus and eliminate abdominal discomfort caused by tension.
Men usually like its scent very much. Because of its astringent and soft properties, it can become an excellent Huhou water when used alone.
Or blend with other hydrosols to become skin care products.


3. Calendula-Calendula officinalis

Calendula is used for medicinal purposes to relieve pain, sterilize, reduce inflammation, and treat skin diseases. Its flowers and leaves contain large amounts of lutein, zeaxanthin and β-carotene. Because it contains a large amount of lutein, it is extracted by manufacturers in commercial applications and is widely used in health foods to protect the eyes. At the same time, the saponins and aromatic oils contained in the extract can be used to make cosmetics.

Can reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. Help regulate menstrual cycle and reduce fever temperature. Not only can it improve skin problems such as rash and sunburn, it is also effective for neuritis and toothache, and it is also helpful for children's diaper rash and other skin problems.


1. Calendula has super healing ability, sterilizes and converges wounds, treats inflammation, acne, large pores, and prevents scars. It can treat various skin diseases and problem skins, especially for acne skin.

2. Calendula is also known as Calendula officinalis. Its nature and flavor are flat, and its flowers and leaves have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The root can promote qi and blood circulation, and the flower can cool blood and stop bleeding. European folks have long been used externally for various inflammations of the skin and mucous membranes, and can also be taken orally to treat various inflammations and ulcers. Due to its beauty effects, calendula is listed as one of the functional ingredients of cosmetic brands such as Kiehl’s and Swiss magic care.

3. Calendula can moisturize dry lips and promote skin metabolism. Especially for dry skin, it has a highly moisturizing effect.

4. Calendula can calm the skin and improve sensitive skin. Has the effect of repairing scars.

Calendula tea is made by brewing a tablespoon of dried petals, simmering for about 10 minutes, the golden yellow tea is set against the floating golden petals, the fragrance is curled, and the sweetness is slightly bitter. You can add honey to adjust it. Drinking calendula tea when you have a cold can help reduce fever and reduce anger. It also has the effects of antispasm and promoting digestion, which is very suitable for patients with digestive ulcers. In addition, it can also promote blood circulation and ease alcoholism, so it is also beneficial to liver.



4. Lavender Floral Water

Lavender floral water is very suitable for regular use on any skin type. When lavender floral water is added to maintenance products, it will not change the original effect of the product, but can also add a pleasant fragrance and strengthen the healing effect. Lavender is good for damaged and dry skin Fragile skin has a regenerative effect and is very famous.

Adding it to the mineral mud mask can be used for deep cleansing, and can prevent the skin from being too dry.
Use lavender flower water pure water as a daily makeup remover or cleanser, or as a spray lotion for the face,
It can resist the damage caused by excessively dry air. Spraying lavender flower water before and after shaving or shaving can slow down the skin red and hot reaction.

Using lavender flower water in hot climates can prevent sunburn, heat rash, heatstroke, skin rash, mosquito bites and itchy skin.
When skiing or paddling, mix lavender and witch hazel flower water 60:40, and spray your face before applying cream or sunscreen lotion.
This can avoid skin damage caused by wind or high temperature. Use it to clean cut or scraped areas and make painful wounds feel much better.

Lavender flower water does not cause any allergies or skin discomforts, it is very suitable for children to use,
It can be added to the bath water or mixed with Roman Chamomile Hydrosol to relieve the problem of diaper rash.
Spraying in the air or on clothes can help your baby sleep more sweetly.

5. Neroli Floral Water

Orange blossom is the main antidepressant and sedative. It has a slight relaxing effect on the central nervous system, but it does not induce sleep. Orange blossom has a positive support for physiology and emotions. It can stop the tension caused by caffeine , And quickly eliminate the uncomfortable reaction after drinking too much. It is also very effective for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Orange Blossom Hydrosol is also an aid for human digestion, which can stimulate bile secretion and relieve heartburn and esophageal reflux.
Spraying Orange Blossom Hydrosol on the abdomen can relieve the flatulence caused by pressure. Because Orange Blossom Hydrosol is anti-convulsive, antibacterial and mold, it can be used as a rinse for leucorrhea or thrush.

Orange blossom flower water has a good astringent effect and is suitable for treating fragile and sensitive skin and oily skin. Dry skin can be mixed with floral water or hydrosols such as lavender, rose or geranium in a ratio of 1:4. Used alone or in combination with Rose Hydrosol, it is an excellent skin conditioning water that can cleanse acne and discomfort. When it is mixed with honey and clay, it can create a top moisturizing mask.

6.Lemon-Citrus limonum 

Lemon Hydrosol is rich in vitamins, which can effectively prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and make the skin white and shiny. Rich in organic acids, it can neutralize with the alkaline on the skin surface, prevent and remove pigmentation in the skin, and remove grease and dirt. At the same time, it has antibacterial, softening and cleansing effects, which can deeply cleanse and increase facial elasticity.

Its unique fruit acid composition can also soften the stratum corneum, remove old dead cells, and brighten the dull complexion.
Improves broken capillaries and purifies greasy hair.
Lemon itself can cure mosquito bites and drive away flies. Long-term use of Lemon Hydrosol has a certain effect on preventing mosquito bites.

Lemon Hydrosol is more suitable for oily skin and mixed skin. Rose Hydrosol is recommended for dry skin, and Chamomile Hydrosol is recommended for allergic skin.
The pure lotion contains a variety of precious ingredients in lemon, and contains about 0.3% to 0.5% of the water-soluble components of essential oils, so it still retains the aroma, partial curative effect and slight antibacterial properties of essential oils, and contains plant extracts that essential oils do not have (such as Tannins and flavonoids), make the pure lotion have the effect of conditioning the skin, and its low concentration characteristics make it easier to be absorbed by the skin.


7.Geranium Floral Water

Rose geranium flower water is one of the most popular skin care flower water, suitable for people from young to old.
For oily, dry, acne and sensitive skin, it also has the effect of balancing and strengthening skin smoothness.
Whether used alone or mixed with other gels or floral waters to add to creams, masks, astringents, moisturizers or cleansers,
It can be a beauty care product for the whole body. It is a moisturizer,
It can attract and concentrate water vapor and store it in the skin, and has astringent effect.

Using a wet compress every day for several weeks can combat rough and dry skin on elbows and knees, and even hard calluses on hands or feet.
Spraying geranium flower water directly on the face with makeup can make the skin feel refreshed and replenish moisture.
Blending it with fresh honey can be used to treat skin damage caused by wind and excessive dry skin,
Or it can be used in a mixed mineral clay mask to give facial skin a youthful glow.

Geranium flower water has anti-inflammatory and very cooling effects. It effectively treats menopausal hot flushes, and hot weather has a balance and compliance effect on mood and endocrine system. It can calm sunburns, rashes, insect bites and any skin surface. The heat produced. It is also effective for red skin. Mixing it with German chamomile flower water can achieve the best effect, and can relieve itching and promote the healing of new skin under the scab.

8.Jasmine Floral Water 

Jasmine charming fragrance, multi-purpose pure dew, can be taken orally and externally

Jasmine flowers are naturally fragrant, giving people a relaxed and happy mood. Jasmine Hydrosol can be taken internally and externally. Just drop a few drops into the tea soup when making tea, and you can immediately enjoy the fragrant jasmine tea. It penetrates your heart and is extremely comfortable. It is used to replace lotion and give your skin a truly safe and burden-free maintenance. Have a good look.

Jasmine with strong fragrance is an important raw material in all high-end perfumes in the world. Its delicate and gentle charm is loved by the world. Jasmine is called the king among many flower essential oils. It is used by Indians for sacrifice, and China is used to make high-end incense tablets. And flowers use it to make high-grade hydrosol

Jasmine effectively shrinks pores, balances the oil secretion of the skin, helps clean the skin, drives away greasy and acne. It is helpful for aging and dry skin, with a charming and fresh taste, anti-inflammatory, calming, suitable for all types of skin.


9.Helichrysum Oganic Hydrosols

Forever Flower is a powerful anti-hematoma agent. Although Forever Flower Hydrosol has less pain relief than its essential oils.
But treating bruises or pains with a wet compress can bring the blood under the skin to the surface.
This unseen damage can be used as a massage agent for ordinary health care. Because it has strong anti-inflammatory and mild pain-relieving properties,
When the permanent flower essential oil is used together with the pure lotion, it can reduce the congestive swelling caused by the long-term treatment, and the effect of promoting wound healing is significant.

Gargle with permanent flower hydrosol, it is good for gingivitis or gum recession. Use a tablespoon undiluted or 50:50
Forever Flower Hydrosol diluted with water, rinse your mouth twice a day for six months, and your condition will change very well.

In terms of skin care, Permanent Flower Hydrosol can help treat scar tissue, and it can be combined with essential oils, rosehip oil and other hydrosols such as carrot seeds.
Sage, Frankincense, etc. can produce a good synergistic effect. Continue to use Permanent Flower Hydrosol Spray,
The bruise will disappear within a few days. It is helpful for sensitive, mature or blocked skin.



The fragrance of frankincense hydrosol is very different, sweeter than frankincense essential oil, with a little resinous fragrance and the fragrance of coniferous plants
Undiluted hydrosol is a bit bitter, but after dilution it becomes mild and beautiful, very smooth

After taking 1, 2 drops of undiluted frankincense dew, you can clearly feel that your "energy body" is rapidly expanding outward from the solar plexus
Give it a try before meditation, any memorial service with energy or crystal healing work

It is well-known for its effects of strengthening and expanding the depth of breathing and opening the breathing channels, drying the excessive mucosal tissues in the lungs and helping to expectoration
During the "aromatic moxibustion" treatment, 1 drop of frankincense pure dew placed on the lung points can immediately cause a deep breathing response
(In autumn and winter, it is easy to catch a cold and cause coughing, etc. Frankincense can be used at this time^^)

The most famous of frankincense is its "firming" effect. After using it, the skin will become delicate and firm.
It can be formulated with other hydrosols to form anti-wrinkle products for daily use, which is a natural and affordable SKII.
Frankincense Hydrosol: Anti-wrinkle, smoothing wrinkles, firming, balancing oil (anti-aging holy product)

Oral effect:
1. It has the effect of diuresis and dryness, and the effect is particularly obvious under the symptoms of purulent or secretion.
2. For oral and gum infections, using frankincense as a mouthwash, plus permanent flower hydrosol, is very beneficial
3. To deal with reproductive system and urinary system infections, use sandalwood or rock rose hydrosol together

Skin care:
1. The effect on the skin is very good. Spray on the face and let it dry naturally, and the skin texture will become more delicate immediately
2. It can be used to modulate an instant firming facial mask, or to formulate anti-wrinkle products used daily with Rock Rose and other hydrosols





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