Q10: What is high-quality hydrosol 3

Q10: What is high-quality hydrosol

The process of obtaining high-quality hydrosol is very complicated. First of all, the flowers picked from the base garden must be processed immediately.

Avoid volatilization of effective aromatic substances, thereby reducing the amount of essential oil extracted.

The picked flowers must first be stirred with salt to seal the flowers to give off their fragrance, and then put them into a distillation tank for steam heating and pressure distillation.
The distilled steam is cooled and condensed to form distilled water, which enters the oil-water separator.
In the oil-water separator, the essential oil is on the top and the distillate is on the bottom at low temperature.
The separated essential oil is extracted into the essential oil storage container, and the lower distillate loops into the distillation tank to continue heating and evaporating.

This cycle repeats until the essential oil is extracted. The remaining liquid is pure dew.
Pure dew is finally produced in the form of nearly colorless distilled water.
This pure dew can be counted as a true 100% pure dew.

Since the flowers and plants chosen to make hydrosol have different plant acid, plant saltiness and special ingredients,
The pure dew obtained by distillation needs to go through professional equipment and process to adjust its acidity and salt value and the appropriate content of each component.
It is suitable for various skin types.

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