Pure lotion usage and efficacy 3

Pure lotion usage and efficacy

How to use Hydrosol
Maintenance: It can be directly used as a general skin care moisturizing lotion, or use a paper mask to apply on the face after fully soaking it.
Skin care: Spray or apply to relieve skin problems such as allergies, redness, and dryness.
Bathing: Use pure dew and essential oils to reconcile and soak in the bath to experience the complete plant energy.
Beauty: Use a water-oxygen machine to steam the face to fully atomize the pure dew aromatic molecules to help the skin absorb and penetrate.
Application: Moisten a cotton pad with pure dew and apply it locally to the eye area, which can effectively relieve soreness, puffiness and dark circles.
Mouthwash: spray directly or diluted in boiling water for mouthwash, which can relieve swollen gums and irritation symptoms (don't drink 1:9 for mouthwash, 2:8 for throat rinse).
Hygiene: When genitourinary tract infections, spray the affected area directly, which can effectively reduce inflammation, calm and relieve itching.
Health care: Adding an appropriate amount of (organic) pure dew to drink in warm water can relieve symptoms such as respiratory allergies and coughs, and effectively improve physical fitness.

How to drink Hydrosol
* 100c.c. Spray 3-5 times with water, adjust the taste according to personal preference

* 1000c.c. water + 30c.c. hydrosol

It’s best not to make too big a bottle at a time, about 500cc at a time. It is most suitable. If you can’t finish drinking it, put it in the refrigerator. It is recommended to drink as soon as possible the next day to avoid the growth of microorganisms or bacteria. It is the same as general food preservation.

Body conditioning is usually a three-week cycle. During these three weeks, use the same hydrosol formula every day, and then rest for one week. This is a very important course rule in natural therapy. Our body needs time to adapt to the changes in the body. By resting for a week, our health can reach a new balance point and a new stable state. After a 7-day buffer period, we will reassess our health. Condition, and then decide whether to continue or stop the next stage of the new treatment. (In the 7-day buffer period, the recurrence of symptoms can be used as an indicator for judging whether it is necessary to repeat the next treatment cycle).

Suggestions for use when skin allergies?
Hydrosol will be more useful than essential oils at this time because it is milder. For example, when the skin is already severely inflamed and allergic, using essential oils may be too powerful, but hydrosols can be used for good results. First, use first aid flower essence to dilute the wet compress, second use Roman chamomile and German chamomile pure dew wet compress, and then apply ointment to treat scratches and calm down.
  • Rose Hydrosol:This is the first choice for buying hydrosol. The smell of rose hydrosol is more like the smell of roses than rose essential oil, and drinking rose hydrosol is very good for the health of women’s uterus and female functions. I have tried continuous drinking. The diluted rose hydrosol for one month, the next MC will come very smoothly and comfortably, and the mood when drinking rose hydrosol is always happy and confident, and it is a sacred product for beauty and beauty. It is used to replace toner and Applying on the face can moisturize and rejuvenate mature skin. It is almost a patronage at first, and the happiness when applying on the face is really the first choice for pure dew.
  • Orange Blossom Hydrosol:The skin beautification effect is also very good, but there is a better effect in the mood and autonomic nerves, which can quickly improve the low ebb and maintain an elegant and good mood, and it is very effective to slowly recover when the autonomic nervous system is disordered. You can use it when you feel pressure.
  • Permanent Flower Hydrosol:The rejuvenation effect of Everlasting Flower Hydrosol is also great, but I prefer to add brown sugar to dilute it in MC. The amount will be larger, but I can feel that the MC can be arranged very cleanly. The next time MC comes, it can be very clean. Shun is very comfortable.
  • Lotus Hydrosol:In addition to its superb beauty effect, Lotus Pure Lotion is also an energy therapy, which can sweep away the haze, the dark clouds on the head disappear, the energy field of the whole person is brightened, and sometimes the individual can feel the eye nitrile Lights up. Blue lotus, white lotus, and pink lotus have different effects, but they all have this amazing effect.
  • Lavender Hydrosol:It has a good effect on soothing and whitening the skin. In addition to its favorite taste, Lavender Hydrosol has a very stable effect and can make us more relaxed. It is very suitable for use at night.
  • Rock Rose Hydrosol:Rock Rose Hydrosol has a good repair effect on some tortured skin such as small acne scars, allergic scratched skin, and it is very effective when you have a fever, especially the fever of children with enterovirus, plus Roman Chamomile Hydrosol on the abdomen. The fever is going to go away soon, this has already benefited many children.
  • Roman chamomile:This is very effective for the maintenance of sensitive skin, especially when the skin is inflamed. It is the first choice. Children can also use it when washing their butts. The rose can also cure fever. If you have children at home, you must keep this bottle.
  • German chamomile:This is the first choice for skin eczema allergic urticaria, especially when direct wet compress is found at the beginning. Roman chamomile is mainly stress-nervous allergic inflammation, and German chamomile is mainly used to deal with allergies of unknown or known reasons but not avoided.
  • Top Flower Rejuvenating Pure LotionDamascus Rose Hydrosol, Orange Blossom Hydrosol, Permanent Flower Hydrosol, Pink Lotus Hydrosol, Lavender Hydrosol, Rock Rose Hydrosol, Roman Chamomile Hydrosol, it smells very good, the most important thing is to apply it once every night, autumn is for the skin The most prone to ageing period, as long as one month of maintenance can sustain a year of major maintenance, so that one's own skin can prevent aging water, and autumn is also a period when mood is prone to low ebb, such a compound hydrosol is the perfect anti-worry combination.
  • Bodhi Hydrosol:This pure dew is very good and has a bit of honey in the mouth. The most important thing is that it is super perfect for insomnia. Diluted before going to bed, you can have a good night’s sleep. It is really easy to use. If you add 4 drops of it The first aid flower essence is really capable of falling asleep.
Enhancing immunity
  • Thyme Hydrosol:It is very good to drink and easy to consume. It will heal quickly when you have a cold and increase our immunity, especially for children. It is really good for children. It can be used as a normal drink and can avoid many colds and flu epidemics.
  • Wild Marjoram Hydrosol:This is a lotion for immunity that is much stronger than thyme, but it is not so easy to consume. If you have oral inflammation or a severe cold, you can use it urgently, and you can see the effect immediately. The firming effect on the skin is also very good. The efficacy.
  • Tea Tree Hydrosol:For oral cavity inflammation, gum inflammation, sore throat, cough, use mouthwash, usually add to wash clothes, mopping the floor, when the face is too oily, you can use spray on the face, add alcohol to dry hands, and other Essential oils are very effective when made into mosquito repellent.
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