Lavender Floral Water Lavender Floral Water 3

Lavender Floral Water Lavender Floral Water

Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia 
Manufacturing Part: Flower 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: Australia 
Product Information: Natural Plant Flower Water Pure Dew

Lavender flower water is very suitable for regular use on any skin type. When lavender flower water is added to maintenance products, it will not change the original effect of the product, but also add a pleasant fragrance and strengthen the healing effect. Lavender is good for damaged and dry skin Fragile skin has a regenerative effect and is very famous. Adding it to a mineral mud mask can be used for deep cleansing, and it can prevent the skin from becoming too dry. Use lavender flower water as a daily makeup remover or cleanser, or use it As a facial spray lotion, it can resist the damage caused by excessively dry air. Spraying lavender flower water before and after shaving or shaving can slow down the skin red and hot reaction.

Use lavender flower water in hot climates to avoid sunburn, heat rash, heatstroke, skin rash, mosquito bites and itchy skin, etc. When skiing or paddling, use lavender and witch hazel flower water 60: 40 To reconcile, spray your face before applying cream or sunscreen lotion, which can avoid skin damage caused by wind or high temperature. Use it to clean cut or scraped areas, and make painful wounds feel much better. Lavender flower water does not It can cause any allergies or skin discomforts. It is very suitable for children. It can be added to the bath water or mixed with Roman Chamomile Hydrosol to relieve the problem of diaper rash. Spraying in the air or on the clothes can help the baby sleep more sweetly.

Lavender flower water has a calming effect on the body, mood and spirit. It can be used to calm the emotions and make the mind clear. If you want a good night's sleep, you might as well add lavender dew to the bathtub or spray directly on the bed. With geranium , Rose or clary sage hydrosol or floral water, and then apply heat or cold to the abdomen or back to reduce abdominal pain and premenstrual symptoms. If you feel pressure, headaches and nervousness, you can use undiluted lavender floral water Wet compress on the neck, shoulders and forehead to soothe. Mix a little mint dew or clary sage flower water and spray on the whole body, which can help stabilize your mind, reduce the heat and bring you a cool feeling. Suitable for cloves, clary sage, geranium and Other citrus or floral hydrosol or floral water mix.

How to use : Spray on the face, or use a clean cotton dipped in floral water to pat the top, as a lotion or nutrient moisturizing lotion for daily use. Or it can be added to other bases, such as aloe vera gel, cream , Body lotion, eye cream, cleanser, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc. to enhance the efficacy of the product. It can also be mixed with other different hydrosols or floral waters to formulate a compound natural moisturizing water suitable for personal needs . Add to water, can be used as bath or sitz bath, or partial wet compress.

Hydrosols and floral waters are strictly regulated in terms of production and storage methods, but this product is intended to be used as cosmetics and skin care products, and is not recommended for oral use. After opening, it must be stored indoors at low temperature or refrigerated.

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