Spearmint Floral Water Spearmint Floral Water 3

Spearmint Floral Water Spearmint Floral Water

Botanical name: Mentha Spicata 
Manufacturing Part: Flower 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: United States 
Product Information: Natural Plant Flower Water Hydrosol

In aromatherapy, spearmint has astringent properties, can eliminate flatulence, relieve congestion, help digestion, diuresis, remove phlegm, excite people and accelerate healing after illness. Because it has an uplifting ability, it can help relieve Tired and relieve depression. It can be blended with most hydrosols or floral waters. It is especially suitable for mixing with bergamot, eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender and rosemary hydrosols or floral waters..

How to use : It can be added to other bases, such as aloe vera gel, cream, body lotion, eye cream, cleanser, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of the product. It can also be added and mixed with other different The pure dew or flower water is used to formulate a compound natural moisturizing water suitable for personal needs. Add it to the water, it can be used as a bath or sitz bath, or a partial wet compress...

Hydrosols and floral waters are strictly regulated in terms of production and storage methods, but this product is intended to be used as cosmetics and skin care products, and is not recommended for oral use. After opening, it must be stored indoors at low temperature or refrigerated.

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