St John's Wort Organic Hydrosol St John's Wort Organic Hydrosol 3

St John's Wort Organic Hydrosol St John's Wort Organic Hydrosol

Botanical name: Hypericum Perforatum 
Extraction method: Distillation 
Place of origin: France 
Product information: 100% natural plant hydrosol

Aroma: The  scent is dry, green medicinal herbs, with a little bland almost tannic taste.

Features:  St. John's Wort Hydrosol has astringent, cleansing, calming and anti-depressant effects, or more accurately, it can slightly produce euphoria.Try to pat on your body after taking a shower and it feels great.

Skin:  St. John's Wort has a wonderful healing effect on the skin. It can soften and purify the complexion. After two days to one week of continuous use, it can give the skin a watery glow. The effect is also very good as a makeup conditioning water. It can be used in combination with many other types of hydrosols. For skin scar care, it is recommended to use it with permanent flower hydrosols to harmonize the wet compress, because the herbal products of Hypericum are very effective in tissue healing and regeneration.

How to use : It can be sprayed directly on the face, or use clean cotton on the top of the dew pat. It can be used as a usual lotion or nutrient moisturizing water. It can also be mixed with other different dew or flower water to mix A compound natural moisturizing water suitable for personal needs is added to other bases, such as aloe vera gel, cream, body lotion, eye cream, cleanser, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of the product. It can be used as a bath or sitz bath, or as a partial wet compress when added in water. In addition, the hydrosol is very effective in preparing a mineral mud mask.

Hydrosols are strictly supervised in terms of production and storage methods, but this product is intended to be used as cosmetics and skin care products and is not recommended for oral use. After opening, it must be stored indoors at low temperature or refrigerated.

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