Dry skin 3

Dry skin

Skin lotion (flower water pure lotion) care is

comparable to medical beauty [whitening and moisturizing double treatment] high-performance flower water pure lotion essence,
which solves uneven skin tone and dullness and roughness of dehydration at one time!
Contains "Super Penetrating Black Complex", which blocks the source of melanin and
restores skin's translucent state. In addition, the full "Rose
Essence penetrates all the moisturizing essence ingredients deeply into the skin, making the skin hydrated and healthy,
revealing a supple radiance! Makeup water to help the skin oil-water balance,
play the role of "bottoming" in skin care, the
matter is in the hands of the make-up water
and pat on the face, wipe the skin with a cotton pad or wet wet after 5 minutes,
as long as It can be applied evenly, so that every inch of the skin
"rain and dew" can achieve the effect of maintenance.
Every time after washing your face, the lotion is
the first step for most women to maintain their skin,
but when using it, you should pat it with your hands,
wipe with a cotton pad , or use a wet compress to promote absorption

Flower water hydrosol care steps:

  1. After washing face
  2. Pat with both hands, wipe with cotton pad , or wet compress to promote skin absorption

  3. Once a day in the morning and evening


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