Grapefruit Pink 3

Grapefruit Pink

Botanical name: Citrus Paradisi 
Manufacturing Part: Peel 
Extraction Method: Cold Press 
Origin of Origin: France 
Product Information: 100% pure natural essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil can treat fluid sluggishness, cellulitis and various other diseases caused by poor detoxification. So it is a good diuretic and antidote, and it can also effectively stimulate the function of the lymphatic system. Every time you perform a lymphatic massage, Using grapefruit essential oil or adding geranium essential oil to massage muscles can help eliminate lactic acid, reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. Maintain optimal muscle vitality. It is also very suitable for oily skin and acne, and can regulate the secretion of skin and scalp sebaceous glands The smell of grapefruit essential oil is very good, so many conditioning water or lotion will add grapefruit essential oil. Some people think that grapefruit essential oil can treat obesity, and its diuretic function can indeed resolve the problem of body fluid stagnation.

In fact, the most important function of grapefruit essential oil is anti-depression. It is a mild and refreshing oil that can rejuvenate people, stimulate emotions and no longer feel depressed, especially seasonal affective disorder, depression or depression that tends to appear in winter Symptoms such as drowsiness. Almost anyone will feel very happy after using grapefruit oil.

Red grapefruit essential oil can be obtained by squeezing the peel. The essential oil is light red and has a fresh citrus fragrance. Originally from Asia, it is now produced in the United States, France, Brazil and Israel. Large grapefruit trees have white flowers and yellow peels. , Red fleshed fruit. The proportion of limonene in essential oils accounts for more than 90%. Others include citral, geranol, juniper berry sesame oil, pine oil and other ingredients. Suitable matches are rosemary, cypress, lavender , Geranium, cardamom and other citrus essential oils. It is a medium to high volatile essential oil.

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