Manuka Song Hongmei 3

Manuka Song Hongmei

Botanical name: Leptospermum Scoparium 
Manufacturing Part: Leaf/Seed 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: New Zealand 
Product Information: 100% pure natural essential oil

This New Zealand essential oil has only recently been added to the list used by aroma therapists. Its curative effect is very amazing, and it has a long history. Pine red plum essential oil has the properties of tea tree, can resist viruses, mold and have strong sterilization Ability. It can treat various respiratory infections such as colds, nasal and throat mucositis, sinusitis, bronchitis, etc., and also clear nasal congestion. Use Songhongmei essential oil in a bath to treat colds, use it to rinse your mouth to treat sore throat or in the throat Tap some essential oils on it to treat the initial sore throat. It has a very good effect. Because it smells very good, it is a very good choice to use this essential oil for aromatherapy at home during the epidemic.

It is an antiseptic for the skin. It can treat skin diseases such as cuts, spots, scalds, boils, ulcers, etc. It is especially suitable for wounds that are not healed for a long time. 1%-2% concentration of pine red plum essential oil is very suitable for massage, such as For dry or sensitive skin, it is best to use a higher concentration of vegetable oil, such as pear oil or jojoba oil to dilute. Pine red plum has good anti-allergic properties, so it can treat mosquito bites and control allergies.

It is also a good topical analgesic, which can relieve muscle soreness and rheumatism. Pine red plum essential oil is a very effective insecticide. Its taste makes it very suitable for indoor air spray or incense. Its charming fragrance makes It is very suitable for mixing with other essential oils to improve the taste of other essential oils, especially essential oils with good curative effects but strong medicinal taste. It is also effective against infections like tea tree. If longer-term treatment is required, you may wish to use it alternately. For aromatherapy, this essential oil has unique value and cannot be replaced by other essential oils.

Pine red plum is a shrub that grows in the wild. The essential oils extracted from high mountainous areas are of better quality. Studies have found that the bactericidal power of alpine red plum is stronger than that grown on flat ground. This essential oil is a colorless liquid. The main natural chemical components are clove oil Ene, geranol, pinene, linalool and hopene, etc. There is also a rare and powerful insecticidal ingredient-fine ketone. Its scent is very mild and sweet. Suitable for eye-catching lavender, lavender, happiness Sage, rosemary, oak tundra, pine, cananga, geranium, marjoram and other herbs, especially clove and nutmeg seed essential oils. It is a medium to high volatile essential oil.

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