Verbena Wild 3

Verbena Wild

Botanical name: Lippia Javanica 
Manufacturing part: Flower stem 
Extraction method: Distillation 
Origin of origin: Australia 
Product information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

Verbena is listed in the medicine book. It has been mentioned as a good digestive system stimulant, stomachic agent and anticonvulsant. It is suitable for the treatment of various indigestion and liver stasis. Especially suitable for the digestive system caused by anxiety or stress Problem. It also has the function of conditioning and calming nerves. It can treat symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations and hysteria. Drinking verbena tea can also alleviate digestive problems. Combining massage and tea drinking into one, the treatment is more effective. Verbena essential oil has Gentle calming effect, used in massage can relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety and stress. Add no more than three drops of essential oil in the bath water at night to help sleep, and add three to four drops of lavender essential oil to have a calming effect. Bath. In short, the diluted use of verbena oil for massage or bathing can solve many different causes of sleep problems. According to the Arab tradition, it also has the ability to aphrodisiac.

The output of verbena essential oil is small, which is why its price is relatively expensive. The main components in the essential oil are 30%-45% citral, limonene, cinnamon oil, linalool, geranol, etc.

Contraindications: Verbena essential oil may cause skin sensitivity, so use a low dose.

TUV 997577