Hair loss care 3

Hair loss care

Sometimes hair perm pungent chemicals for industrial use as well as some foods
such as high-sugar foods greasy food spicy foods can cause hair loss, excessive alcohol and tobacco
want to maintain a healthy scalp and beautiful hair smooth
must be adequate intake of nutrients
especially the amount of a small amount of protein Healthy vegetable oil and vitamin B.
Eat more nuts, vegetables, honey, kelp, which promote hair growth

. Wash your hair every day. Use rosemary hydrosol, lavender hydrosol and thyme hydrosol to
wet or soak the scalp and hair. Cover with a towel for 15 minutes to absorb.

Spraying the scalp with flower water every day can
replenish nutrients and increase the fragrance of the hair

Remarks: You can add 50% mint flower water pure water to make the scalp more comfortable
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