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http://www.bio-miseason.com/en/contact.html Flower water dew garden http://www.bio-miseason.com/en/images/corpimg.png 803 12th Floor, No. 10, Lane 125, Fengjia 2nd Street, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City $ 07-311-0139 Good news, let Hydrosol replace your lotionFrom now on:Any kind of flower water pure water valet dispenser 500ml.1000mlPlease refer to the introduction of Hydrosol. There are hundreds of Hydrosols available for pre-orderProduct description: Spray design, the delicate water mist lotion can evenly moisturize the skin and prevent dryness. It has a good moisturizing effect and can soothe and soothe the skin. It is suitable for skin care after cleansing; or spraying after exercise to help cool the skin; it can also be used to set makeup after makeup; it can also be used at any time to avoid dry skin caused by prolonged staying in an air-conditioned room. No added fragrance, coloring, mineral oil, no burden on the skin, no added preservatives/antibacterial agents/chemical flavors/alcohol/emulsifiers.It nourishes the skin, the ingredients are mild and non-irritating. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. It can be quickly absorbed by the skin and quenches the thirst of dry skin. The uniform and detailed spray can not only relieve discomfort but also quickly complete maintenance!Main ingredient: 100% pure natural flower water hydrosolHow to use: Spray gently 20~30 cm away from the face. Do not use it upside down.※Do not shake before use.Applicable object: applicable to any skinProfessional hundred kinds of flower water pure lotionThe first pure dew for distillation, the purest texture, the fastest and most gentle effectIt is not easy to collect flower water dew from all over the worldThere are currently 150 optionsStorage is even more difficult because it needs to be sterileNo additives and no chemicalsOnly natural is the most perfectAfter obtaining a sterile environment and sterile materials, we must maintain a sterile state in order to conduct research on a specific known microorganism or use their functions, otherwise various microorganisms from the outside are easily mixed. The phenomenon of the mixing of unrelated microorganisms from the outside world is called contaminating bacteria in microbiology. Prevention of pollution is a very critical technology in microbiology work. On the one hand, thorough sterilization, on the other hand, prevention of contamination, are two aspects of aseptic technology.The floor and walls of the aseptic room must be flat, not easy to hide dirt and easy to clean. The surface of the workbench should be level. The sterile room and buffer room are equipped with ultraviolet lamps, and the ultraviolet lamp in the sterile room is 1 meter away from the work surface. Workers entering the sterile room should wear sterilized clothing and hats.Currently, aseptic rooms are mostly found in microbial factories, and general laboratories use ultra-clean tables. The main function of the ultra-clean table is to use the air laminar flow device to remove all kinds of tiny dust including microorganisms on the work surface. The electric device allows air to enter the work surface after passing through the high-efficiency filter device, so that the work surface is always kept under the control of flowing sterile air. In addition, there is a high-speed air curtain on the side close to the outside to prevent the entry of outside air with bacteria.In places with more difficult conditions, a wooden sterile box can also be used instead of the ultra-clean table. The aseptic box has a simple structure and is easy to move. There are two holes on the front of the box, which can be blocked by a small push-pull door when not in operation, and arms can be extended in during operation. The upper part of the front is equipped with glass, which is convenient for internal operation. The inside of the box is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp, which can be accessed from the side door.All plant skin care products are the world trendAffected by global warming, natural plant "plant extract" skin care products have been flooded in drugstores in recent years.This trend is gradually moving towards department store counters.Our ingredients are all plant-based and add-free definition standards: no preservatives, no fragrance, no color, no heavy metal, no thickening colloid, no alcohol, 100% plant formulaEach drop of flower water contains the essence of the whole plant. The essential oil molecules are all dissolved in the water. Rich in natural vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, it is a very excellent deep moisturizing liquid. Flower water is very mild, But the function is very effective, can make the skin moist and soft, refine and reduce dry lines. It can relieve dry skinThe foundry is to set up a professional manufacturing factory for ISO internationally certified skin care products. The factory is equipped with the most advanced production equipment and a professional dust-free environment. It is based on the concept of quality credit first and the spirit of R&D and innovation, combined with decades of experience Professionals related to skin care products are engaged in raw material development, formula development, product testing, container styles and packaging design. It adopts the latest foreign raw materials to formulate, researches and develops the latest formula design, and establishes the professional ability of OEM/ODM towards international cosmetics brand design, and strictly requires the product quality to reach the standards of Europe, the United States and Japan, and gradually moves towards the ranks of internationalization. Excellent quality exceeds customer expectations. The customer base includes well-known companies and professional beauty workers. It is favored by many well-known beauty websites and rated as the best cosmetics and skin care products; hair products OEM/ODM best manufacturers, distributors all over the world, in many OEM/ The ODM factory has taken the lead and has become the best OEM/ODM factory for skin care products in Asia.The reason for having a high degree of competitiveness in the industry lies in the pursuit of the enterprise spirit of "Quality First", "Service First" and "Efficiency Winning", so that customers can get the most touching service with peace of mind and joy, and finally continue to surpass in the industry and achieve extraordinary beauty industrySGS Flower Water Hydrosol No Preservative ReportLINE  ID:jk2142LINE Official website:@vrh2614dWECHAT  ID:jacky610723jkjk21425725@gmail.comMOBIL:0930103139Hydrosol spray/OEM

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