Own brand and spray bottle
Public OEM and self-owned brand 4

Both public OEM and self-owned brands can sell well

The public version is designed, but it will be the same as the public version posted by other people. Our own brand will not overlap. If we want our own brand, we can send the design.
Trademark design has always been highly valued in Taiwan, but designing a LOGO is not just a random pattern, it is an important imprint, which is deeply imprinted in people's hearts, and you must not be careless.
He is like a human face and looks. Everyone wants to be more handsome and beautiful. Some people have temperament and some people are very lovable. If a company does not have a logo, it is like a person without a face. thing.
Here are the seven LOGO design secrets shared by well-known designer David Airey

1.Keep it simple
2.Make it relevant
3.Incorporate tradition
4.Aim for distinction
5.Commit to memory
6.Think small
7.Focus on one thing

Through an experienced design company, starting from the LOGO planning, can we have a good impression,Then, you love and remember the trademark logo to create the best image for your brand.