Own brand and spray bottle
The latest British test, named the four major brands of moisturizing spray, the ingredient is only water 4

Stop buying moisturizing spray bottles with just water

In summer, skin moisturizing, many people spend money to buy moisturizing spray, but tell you, the money may be wasted! According to the latest test in the United Kingdom, the four major brands of moisturizing sprays are named. The ingredients are only water. The effect is the same as spraying 20 pieces of mineral water on the market, but with brand blessing, the price of these moisturizing sprays has increased by 2, 30 times. In the UK, even It is more expensive than gasoline.

The key to moisturizing and locking water is the penetration of water molecules

Zhongtian News: In the era of the nation's resistance to rising, everyone wants to save money, and to plan carefully when buying skin care products. Like moisturizers,

Experts say that the key to moisturizing and locking water lies in the penetration of water molecules. As long as you choose the ingredients, you don't need to spend big money.