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What are the ways to use Hydrosol? 4

1. External use
Use it directly as a toner, pat your face or use a cotton pad, or put it in a spray bottle as a moisturizing spray or makeup spray (skin moisturizing, soothing, calming the skin)
Pure dew facial mask: Use facial mask paper to soak pure dew and apply it for 5-10 minutes, commonly known as a water mask!
DIY home care products: such as mouthwash, the dilution ratio is 30%. You can also blend facial mask powder.
Scalp care: After shampooing, massage the scalp with hydrosol, and then blow dry the hair, which can especially improve oiliness, dandruff and hair loss.

2. Oral
To make the drink more flavorful, every time you drink water or other beverages, such as coffee, add a few drops at will. The aroma of pure dew can make the drink more flavorful. Recommended hydrosols: orange blossom, rose, magnolia, cinnamon.
Aromatherapy and health care: add 20ml of pure dew a day to the water you want to drink each day. The ratio of pure dew to water is 1:20. If you have a cold body, it is recommended to drink warm water (the water temperature does not exceed 85 degrees). The treatment time is long It is 3 months, it is recommended to replace the formula after 3 months.

3. Cooking
It can be made into aromatic oil and vinegar, aromatic baking, aromatic rice... The basic principle is to use "water" dishes, you can try to use pure dew instead. When in use, it can be diluted to 30-50% of pure dew and pure water.

4. Incense
Dilute 10% with pure water, or add 1-5ml directly to the water oxygen machine.