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Three common myths to crack the lotion 4

Does the lotion shrink and shrink pores?

Do you know the purpose of using lotion every morning and evening? I am also often asked the question "Do I need to use lotion?"In fact, our view of toner should return to the original intention of this product. In traditional cosmetics, lotion belongs to the category of skin cleansing. Its original function is to wash away the dust, residual cosmetics, and old cutin on the face again, and then balance the skin's pH value. But the function of the current lotion is more than that. After a long period of evolution, it has gradually become a functional product.

Myth 1: Can lotion moisturize?

From the above table, the toner is really made of water, isn't it? Most people use lotion, mostly because of the concept of "water shortage and replenishment" and advertisements, plus the recommendation of the counter lady, but when it comes to the true function of lotion, you may ask three questions. Most of them think it is a skin care product for moisturizing after washing the face. In other words, many people only use toner to moisturize, and no longer use lotion or cream.


Dr. Liao would like to tell you that, especially when the outside humidity is insufficient in winter, wiping on lotion will cause moisture to evaporate into the air and naturally become a dry sister. No matter what kind of lotion it is, it contains alcohol to some extent, so it will produce a cooling sensation when it evaporates (except mineral water). If no lotion is used, the water will be taken away when the alcohol evaporates, and the skin will be drier. Of course, those who have added moisturizers have better moisturizing effects, but they can't last. Therefore, after using the lotion, wipe some oil-containing skin care ingredients: such as lotions and creams to help moisturize.

There are two concepts to pay special attention to:

1. Makeup water can be divided into cleansing, astringent, moisturizing, whitening, softening and other types. The same lotion has very different functions. Therefore, not all lotions are used for moisturizing. If you use astringent lotion, not only can't achieve the moisturizing effect, but it will make the skin dry.

2. "Because they are afraid that the lotion will be too oily, it will stimulate the growth of acne!" Many people have the wrong idea that they will develop acne by applying lotion, so they only use lotion instead of lotion. In fact, lotion and acne are not directly related, it depends on whether the ingredients of lotion are acne-causing.

Myth 2: Astringent lotion can shrink pores?

The lotion products are dazzling, with various functions. Many people like to use astringent lotion, it sounds like the pores will "converge" to disappear.

Here is to rectify the so-called "convergence" in dermatology: the meaning of convergence, originally refers to when there is eczema, wounds exuding tissue fluid, the use of certain pharmaceutical ingredients will make the skin surface dry. It is called convergence; and the broad sense of convergence includes the suppression of sweat glands and sebum secretion, which achieves the following two effects in two forms:

1. Chemical astringent effect

Not only can constrict the hair follicle sebaceous glands, but also inhibit perspiration. Utilize the effects of astringents and proteins on the surface of the skin, especially the proteins in the opening of the sweat glands and hair follicle sebaceous glands, to achieve a mild temporary contraction effect. Plant extracts containing tannins, such as witch hazel extract, have a chemical astringent effect.

2. Physical convergence:

Most of these products are alcoholic products. Use alcohol to produce a cooling sensation when it evaporates rapidly, and contract the erector pili muscles of the skin to achieve the effect of constricting sweat glands and pores and making the skin feel firm.

Other commonly used plant-based astringents include aloe, rosemary, and St. John's wort. However, the astringent effects of all ingredients on pores and sweat glands are temporary. Although the chemical astringency of protein action can last for a day, it loses its effect after taking a shower or washing your face. The physical astringent effect is more short-lived, and there is no effect after the alcohol evaporates.

So long-term use of astringent lotion can reduce pores? Of course it is impossible, it is the illusion brought by the instant cooling sensation.

Myth 3: Can lotion help skin care products absorb?

Some lotion products emphasize the leading effect, which can help the skin care products to be wiped quickly absorbed. This statement is not entirely true, nor is it entirely wrong.

The effective ingredients in skin care products can penetrate deep into the skin, which depends on several factors:

1. The molecular size of the ingredient itself

2. Is water soluble or oil soluble

3. Is the matrix transfer function of this ingredient good?

For example, oil-soluble nutrients must be dissolved in fats and oils; while water-soluble components must be present in aqueous solutions. Since most of the components of the lotion are water, it will only affect the transmission of the ingredients added in the lotion at most, and will have little effect on the delivery of the skin care ingredients for subsequent use. But when the skin's moisture content is high, the stratum corneum is easier to penetrate, which is also true.

In summary, there are many factors that affect the ingredients of skin care products into the skin, and they cannot be covered by the lead of a lotion. A good "water for skin care products" must include the following conditions: it does not contain harmful substances such as microorganisms and heavy metals, the hardness must not be too high, and it has high solubility to dissolve the active ingredients.

Therefore, the water for skin care products must undergo ion exchange to remove some impurities, and may also have to be sterilized by ultraviolet radiation or filter heating before it can be used. In addition, marine water and mineral water that are rich in rare minerals are also common lotion water. In addition, the acidic water obtained by electrolysis can also be used at home. Because it is weakly acidic, it can be used in astringent lotion to adjust skin and adjust the pH of the skin surface.

Finally, when buying a lotion, it is recommended to ask yourself: What is the purpose of using the lotion and the effect I hope to produce?

(This article is excerpted from Chapter 3 of the book "Care for Light and Mature Skin-Make Your Skin 10 Years Younger")
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