Hong Kong foot 3

Hong Kong foot

Hong Kong feet are caused by molds. To avoid repeated attacks, Dr. Xu Jiaqi pointed out that you can first use topical medications. If the symptoms are severe, you should first use oral antifungal medications and then apply topical medications for sterilization; keep your feet dry in your daily life. There must be at least two pairs of shoes for changing, avoid wearing bags; socks that are changed every day can be soaked in hot water for sterilization; and indoor and bathroom slippers should be dried to avoid sharing with family members; in addition, the inner layer of shoes when going out , It is best to spray anti-fungal agent to inhibit bacteria.

It can be used in combination with lavender flower water dew and myrrh flower water dew and tea tree flower water dew can be sprayed on shoes or feet to deodorize and antibacterial
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