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Natural hydrosol small molecules and chemical skin care products

Small molecules (hydrosol = lotion = facial mask = essence)

Korean ladies' circles are all going crazy "small molecule flower water pure lotion"! After maintenance, the skin is so tender and smooth that it seems to be pinched out of water!

Koreans pursue good and shiny skin, especially in ladies’ circles. They seek to keep their skin as tender as they are just after getting a face from a beauty salon. This time, the Korean celebrity queen makeup artist came to Taiwan to share "Small Molecule Floral Water Hydrosol The secret of "maintenance" greatly enhances the moisturizing power, so that the skin after maintenance is filled with moisture, and it is as tender as a pinch!

A teacher mentioned that the Korean method is actually to apply the small-molecule flower water pure lotion 7 times repeatedly.
But he simplified the steps, thinking that 3 times is enough to moisturize the skin and save time.
He mentioned that the purpose of using small molecule floral water pure lotion is not just to moisturize,
Followed by the maintenance plant hyaluronic acid essence, the skin will not develop acne and acne.

Because the hydrosol molecule is small, it can be used as a lotion, mask, and essence.

If your skin care products have small molecules and are chemical, they will bring chemicals into the skin and cause skin allergies in countless people.
Originally, these people did not have skin allergies, but in the end they were allergic to any skin care products.

Chemical preservatives are slowly affecting your skin!

You must have had such experience. If the clothes are not dried for two days, you will find the clothes stinks! The masks/lotions on the market can be stored for 3~5 years without deterioration. Do you know the reason? By the way, chemical preservatives are added to it. Have you ever wondered what effect these preservatives will continuously penetrate into your skin with the essence? 99% of skin care products on the market contain preservatives, do you know that these preservatives are slowly affecting your skin! The effect of preservatives on the skin:
Provide you with another healthy and safe choice, and ensure that no chemical preservatives are added to the product! Because what you worry about is what we worry about! Stay away from chemistry and stay away from worries! Natural no-additive skin care products. We work hard for beauty and give you peace of mind! Rest assured! Happy!
What are the reasons for choosing carefully before choosing skin care products?
Applying skin care products layer by layer turned out to be the culprit of skin aging! Chemistry, alcohol, colors, flavors, antibacterial agents, preservatives, emulsifiers...


Do not use if there is no 100% pure natural skin care products
(portable moisturizer, nano sprayer, facial steamer, facial moisturizer)

These tools make the molecules smaller and the chemical components enter the basal layer to accelerate skin aging.
No longer healthy and tender to accelerate the formation of sensitive skin, this is a vicious circle.

Using natural skin care products is beautiful until you are old, but overuse of chemical skin care products will accelerate your skin aging.

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