Q5: How to preserve Hydrosol? 3

Q5: How to preserve Hydrosol?

The natural antibacterial ingredients contained in the pure lotion itself are not as much as essential oils, so the pure lotion needs more care than essential oils after it is formed. After opening, store it in the refrigerator as much as possible. It is about 10℃~15℃ according to the general food storage method.
Currently in EU countries, hydrosols are classified as "beauty cosmetics" for sale. According to EU cosmetics regulations, alcohol (and at least 12% of the total) must be added to the product as a preservative. The purpose is Reduce the content of microorganisms and bacteria in the product and extend the life of the product, but this will make the hydrosol lose its original effect, because the real hydrosol is an alcohol-free maintenance product.

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