Skin care 3

Skin care

1. Partial oiliness regulates enlarged pores: (external spray + wet compress) orange blossom + thyme + rock rose / witch hazel / peppermint / clary sage hydrosol
2. Acne skin: (external spray + wet compress) orange blossom + chamomile hydrosol / rosemary hydrosol / juniper berry hydrosol
3. Dry to neutral, finely shrink pores: (external spray + wet compress) Lemon Verbena + Rock Rose + Cornflower (or Frankincense) Hydrosol
4. Sensitive skin: (external spray + wet compress) orange blossom/German chamomile/Roman chamomile/Damascus rose hydrosol
5. Damaged dry skin: (external spray + wet compress) lavender + Damascus rose hydrosol
6. Mature skin: (external spray + wet compress) chamomile + witch hazel hydrosol
7. Anti-oxidation and anti-aging for normal to dry muscles: (external spray + wet compress) witch hazel + rock rose / lemon balm hydrosol
8. Anti-oxidation and anti-aging for neutral~oily muscle: (external spray + wet compress) witch hazel + rosemary/sage hydrosol
9. Wound scar regeneration/purification skin tone: (external spray + wet compress) permanent flower + St. John's Wort Hydrosol
10. Anti-allergy/inflammation/body surface mold infection: (external spray + wet compress) German Chamomile Hydrosol
11. Anti-wrinkle. Smooth fine lines: (external spray + wet compress) Rock Rose + Damascus Rose or Frankincense Hydrosol
12. Distiller's lees type / microvascular skin: geranium + German chamomile + cornflower or rock rose hydrosol
13.Normal ~ oily skin whitening: (external spray + wet compress) Orange Blossom Hydrosol
14. Eye wrinkle: (wet compress) Rock Rose Hydrosol
15. Extremely oily/ unblocks blocked pores/ cleans pores: (steamed face) Electra Hydrosol/Rosemary Hydrosol
16. Facial swelling: (mud compress) juniper berry + yarrow hydrosol
17. All-round makeup remover: (Wet Cotton Flower Remover) Roman Chamomile/German Chamomile/Cornflower/Geranium Hydrosol
18. Moisturizing spray after makeup: (outside spray) Geranium/Damascus Rose Hydrosol
19. Shaving and calming: (spray or wet compress) Lavender // Peppermint/ Rock Rose/ German Chamomile/ Lemon Verbena/ Geranium Hydrosol
20. Improve acne: (Oral use) Yarrow/Peppermint Hydrosol

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