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Chamomile German Floral Water Chamomile German Floral Water

Botanical name: Matricaria Recutita 
Manufacturing Part: Flower 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: Australia 
Product Information: Natural Plant Flower Water Hydrosol

Chamomile has a bluish green and very complex, but very direct fragrance, which is very different from the taste of Roman Chamomile Hydrosol. German chamomile flower water is helpful for all skin redness symptoms, such as skin rashes, burns, Sunburn, itchy skin, and even some eczema, psoriasis and help to clear atopic dermatitis. In addition, for inflamed or swollen veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis and varicose veins, you can use German chamomile flower water alone Or add half of Witch Hazel or Rock Rose Hydrosol and treat it with a wet compress. The antibacterial cleansing effect of German Chamomile Hydrosol is very good. You can use wet compress or rinse to treat mold infection, sensitivity, inflammation or problems Skin. It can be treated later with German chamomile essential oil (but it depends on the situation). Use undiluted German chamomile water as a spray to remove the smell of foot sweat. It can also be used as a treatment for vulva Mold infection.

German chamomile can immediately eliminate psychological anxiety. It has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system. Spraying the whole body can achieve calmness, focus and eliminate abdominal discomfort caused by tension. Men usually like its fragrance very much, because it has With its astringent and soft properties, it can become an excellent Huhou water when used alone, or it can be used as a skin care product when blended with other hydrosols.

Since German Chamomile has a stronger calming effect than Roman Chamomile Hydrosol, some difficult-to-treat skin problems, such as contact dermatitis, eczema in early childhood and similar symptoms, may sometimes require German Chamomile Flower Water to increase its effectiveness. Add a few drops in the bath water or blend with orange blossom to deal with allergies. The energy of German Chamomile Hydrosol is super powerful, and its calming and sleeping effect is very powerful. It has special energy for comforting psychological and emotional aspects. It can calm the mind. To clarify the mind and thoughts. It can be used with bergamot, clary sage, lavender, marjoram, geranium, tea tree, jasmine, grapefruit, orange blossom and rose and other pure dew or flower water.

How to use : Spray on the face, or use a clean cotton dipped in floral water to pat the top, as a lotion or nutrient moisturizing lotion for daily use. Or it can be added to other bases, such as aloe vera gel, cream , Body lotion, eye cream, cleanser, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc. to enhance the efficacy of the product. It can also be mixed with other different hydrosols or floral waters to formulate a compound natural moisturizing water suitable for personal needs . Add to water, can be used as bath or sitz bath, or partial wet compress.

Hydrosols and floral waters are strictly regulated in terms of production and storage methods, but this product is intended to be used as cosmetics and skin care products, and is not recommended for oral use. After opening, it must be stored indoors at low temperature or refrigerated.

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