Melissa Floral Water 3

Melissa Floral Water

Botanical name: Melissa Officinalis 
Manufacturing Part: Leaf 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: Egypt 
Product Information: Natural Plant Flower Water Hydrosol

Lemon balm is very effective in calming the body and has a positive clinical effect on attention deficit hyperactivity. Lemon balm flower water is also an excellent preventive product for colds and allergies. It has the effect of boosting immunity and fighting infection Features. Also has the function of lowering blood pressure. The aldehydes in lemon balm essential oil have anti-viral properties. Apply undiluted lemon balm flower water to the affected area for six to ten times, preferably when the herpes is about to appear Start the treatment. The effect of this method is as fast as using its essential oils.

Lemon balm flower water is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It can be used alone or blended with other flower water to become a skin cleanser, and it can calm skin rashes and eczema. Add lemon balm flower water to the cream To help anti-aging and skin care after sun exposure. Lemon balm floral water is actually very mild, very suitable for babies. Don’t prevent adding a teaspoon of lemon balm floral water in the bath water before going to bed to calm the baby, or with German chamomile or Yarrow flower water is formulated to treat babies’ diaper rash. It can also help the psychosomatic system of pregnant women. Add a little cinnamon and peppermint flower water to relieve harmful digestion and edema. When you encounter stress and anxiety, it can be used with Rosemary and orange blossom floral water is used to soothe the mood. Other suitable floral waters are bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, orange blossom, rose and ylang-ylang, etc.

Contraindications: Because lemon balm can lower blood pressure, people with low blood pressure should avoid using it.

Hydrosols and floral waters are strictly regulated in terms of production and storage methods, but this product is intended to be used as cosmetics and skin care products, and is not recommended for oral use. After opening, it must be stored indoors at low temperature or refrigerated.

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