ROSE CENTIFOLIA Chiba Rose Water Pure Lotion 3

ROSE CENTIFOLIA Chiba Rose Water Pure Lotion

The moisturizing rose vanilla organic, effectively resists wrinkles, astringent, it conditions the skin. This rose water calms and soothes the reaction, irritating the skin in case of allergies.

Botanical name: Rosa Centifolia

Origin: France

Production method: distillation method

Sensory properties: most of the time, transparent liquid and colorless

Olfactory notes: floral, subtle, sweet notes

Flavor: gorgeous, sweet, sweet

Beauty: Regenerate the skin and prevent the effects of aging, suitable for all skins, mature skin, reactive skin, spots, calm allergic reactions

The characteristics of aromatherapy: antispasmodic, disinfection, hormone balancing, acting on the endocrine system, helping to relieve premenstrual symptoms, cramps and bad moods, and regulating appetite.

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