ROSEMARY VERBENONE Verbenone Rosemary Floral Water Hydrosol 3

ROSEMARY VERBENONE Verbenone Rosemary Floral Water Hydrosol

The hydrate of the rosemary verbena organism helps to regulate weight gain and water retention. This flower water will become your friend during the holidays. It is a regenerated liver matriline. Mucus expectorant, rosemary perfume, helps clear bronchial tubes and respiratory tract.

Plant name: Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Origin: France

Production method: distillation method

Sensory properties: most of the time, transparent liquid and colorless

Smell: strong, fresh, aromatic, candied

Flavor: refreshing, powerful, aromatic

Beauty: mixed skin, acne skin, mature skin, lack of tone, hair problems (irritation, greasy, dandruff...), regulate sebum secretion, prevent hair loss.

The nature of aromatherapy: lack of energy, liver disorders, prostatitis, kidney weakness, weight gain before menstruation, hypotension, liver and gallbladder regeneration, expectorant and mucus secretion, stimulation of liver, gallbladder and kidney function

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