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Flower water dew identification


In fact, there are five kinds of flower water dew on the market

  1. For real herbal skin care products: the first extraction in the process of taking distilled essential oils, all trace elements are preserved, and major European manufacturers buy this kind of modified skin care products, and contain some micro essential oil ingredients.

  2. European Distillery Flower Water Dew Classification:

    Premium floral water dew: Exclusively purchased by major European skin care products manufacturers (this company provides such products and can be consumed)

    General flower water dew: the product after multiple distillations, without trace elements of plant essence, light and tasteless, low price

    The company imported the first European extra-grade floral water pure dew, the real first Bulgarian rose pure dew is slightly yellow.

    Do not sell fake flower water pure water, do not sell diluted water pure water, do not sell preservative flower water pure water, do not sell emulsifier flower water pure water, do not sell fragrance flower water pure water, do not sell dye flower water pure water , Welcome to send to the Health Bureau or SGS for inspection, such as false compensation 1000 times the price.

    Real and fake essential oils: please go online to check the market price on foreign websites, do not buy fake essential oils made with spices

    You may be disappointed when you bought a lot of commercially available flower water dew. Don’t be discouraged. You are not satisfied with our company’s flower water dew. As each plant has a different taste, don’t use it as the main option, like German chamomile has a medicinal smell...

  3. Floral Water is the residue after distillation of essential oils. When distilling essential oils, the distilled water continuously flows through the plant tissues. Many precious components in the plants will be dissolved in the distilled water, and finally the essential oils will float on the upper layer. After the essential oils are collected, the remaining distilled water is the flower water.

    What is pure dew? Put the aromatic plant raw materials in a distiller and use water distillation to heat the steam from below, and evaporate the essential oils. The water vapor containing the essential oils is collected and cooled, and then the vapor is cooled into liquid, and then according to the specific gravity of water and essential oils The difference in density is separated out, the so-called flower water is also pure dew

    Real flower water dew does not foam. It also does not contain fragrances, surfactants and preservatives. Fake dew has no effect at all, causing more wrinkles and dark spots, and even skin lesions. Just like beauty salons The hands of the waiters in the hospital shampoo are dry and bleeding, which is the result of regular use of surfactants

    The skin care products contain some surfactants, foams, detergents, solvents, emulsifiers, and may contain 1,4-Dioxane. Experiments have proved that if animals are exposed to 1,4-Dioxane for a long time, they will get cancer, and humans will have the same carcinogenic potential (EPA Environmental Toxin Chemical List 749-F-95-010, February 1995). The ingredients that contain PEG, eth (such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate), and Polysorbate 60 & 80 in the initials, words, or syllables are confirmed to be contaminated with 1,4-Dioxane. A recent study by the Georgia Medical School pointed out that SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) can damage the eyes, and this ingredient is also the main culprit for some people's skin sensitivity.


    1. Smell method: If it smells very powdery perfume, use monomer fragrance to modify

    2. Dried flowers boiled in water: no effect at all, but also contains pesticides and preservatives...Beware of carcinogenesis

    3. Add some essential oils to the pure dew you bought and shake it vigorously. If it is fake, the essential oils you dropped will be gone and emulsified by surfactants. Please do not drink soapy water.


    95% of the market is fake flower water pure dew
    Shake vigorously if the foaming is not gone for a long time (containing chemical emulsifier/surfactant), please do not drink soapy water. Use surfactant (dispersant) + essential oil to modulate = false pure dew (do not drink it will cause cancer, increase Skin allergies, increased wrinkles and spots), shaking up and down will cause a lot of foam, which will not subside within 5 seconds. (Pseudo-hydrosol industry will weave many reasons for foaming..., please do not believe it,)

  1. Formulated with alcohol + essential oils = false pure dew, which contains alcoholic taste. You will know it after a sip.

  2. The last distilled steam water in the process of distilling essential oils = pure dew but the trace elements and active essences are gone. It is as transparent and clear as the distilled water sold in the 7-11 convenience store. No effect. Or diluted with water.

  3. Water boiled with dried flowers will become moldy within 3 days after opening. Just like making tea, it will become rancid without drinking for 3 days. There is no active essence with dried flowers

  4. Drop a few drops of German chamomile essential oil (because it is more visible in blue) into the flower water pure dew, and shake it up and down vigorously. If the German chamomile essential oil does not rise within 3 minutes, it is possible to add a surfactant (emulsifier/dispersant) ) Or alcohol.

  5. For real herbal skin care products: the first extraction in the process of taking distilled essential oils, all trace elements are preserved. Large European manufacturers buy this kind of modified skin care products, and contain some micro essential oil ingredients. It has a natural aroma.

  6. Our organic hydrosols are provided to professionals with a background in aromatherapy education! The extraction method strictly complies with the standards of the European and American Organic Association to meet the high-standard quality requirements of the real international aromatherapists. It is not the usual commercial floral water and pure water mixed with water, solvents, and additives. It is recommended that if the user wants to take it orally, he needs to seek a professional aromatherapist and buy a stable and safe aromatherapy grade hydrosol, so as not to pay the price of natural products but enjoy the quality of artificial synthesis
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