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Hydrosol is used for wet compress

Dilute three to five tablespoons of pure dew in one liter of warm hot water or ice water, soak it in the mixture with a clean cloth, and apply it to the infected area until the temperature of the wet cloth changes, and then repeat this step to count to more than ten Second. Warm compress or ice compress depends on the condition being treated. This is a wonderful treatment method that can be used to deal with various problems, from muscle pain, strain, wound infection, scar tissue, varicose veins and menstrual pain, etc. Generally speaking, ice compress or cold compress is more suitable for inflammation. Cold compress and warm compress are more suitable for fever. Hot compress can be used when the body feels tight or lacks flexibility.

Using pure dew wet compress can help reduce the symptoms of swelling, redness or swelling of the skin tissue, especially the facial skin. Soak a cotton or mask paper with appropriate dew, apply it to the affected area or face, and take a good rest Treatment. This method is also suitable for soothing eyestrain, or to help the skin relax five minutes before makeup. Among them, witch hazel and German chamomile can help treat skin redness. Rosemary, sage, and juniper Or Thyme Hydrosol can treat oily skin. Add some peppermint, and Lemon Balm Hydrosol can treat pimples and spots. If these treatments can be fixed one to three times, it can combat dry skin caused by heating in winter.

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