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Hydrosol is used for hair care

Hydrosol can be added to any kind of hairdressing products for personal use, and can produce excellent effects. Add shampoo to hydrosol and dilute it to 30-50%. After using it, you will feel that the hair is washed very clean, and The scalp retains an acidic protective film, which makes the hair shiny and smooth, and can also provide nutrients to the hair and scalp follicles. Generally, you can choose cedar, rosemary or geranium hydrosol. Sage is suitable for oily hair, chamomile plus Rosemary Hydrosol is suitable for dry hair and dandruff problems.

Add hydrosol and dilute it to 20-30% in the low-medium conditioner base. Any hydrosol suitable for shampoo can be added to the conditioner to achieve the same effect. You can choose to have the maintenance function or you Favorite scented hydrosols will leave hair with a light fragrance and softness, such as orange blossom, rose and geranium.

Pure lotion can also be used as a no-rinse moisturizer or scalp care lotion after shampooing and conditioning. It is especially helpful for scalp problems such as dermatitis, severe dandruff, hair loss or uneven growth. It can be directly used. Spray on the hair and scalp for daily maintenance, and then massage the scalp to help absorption. The addition of rosemary to yarrow or lemon balm is the most effective treatment for dermatitis, dandruff and itching. Cedar and rosemary are most suitable for For hair loss symptoms, German Chamomile Hydrosol is suitable for sensitive scalp. Clary Sage Hydrosol with rosemary and orange blossom is aimed at particularly oily scalp. It only takes a little time to greatly improve your appearance and feeling .

1. General hair care treatment: Choose cedar hydrosol or rosemary hydrosol
2. Treatment for oily hair: Choose Geranium Hydrosol or Sage Hydrosol
3. Dry hair and dandruff problem care treatment: choose chamomile and rosemary hydrosol
4. Hydrosol treatments that leave hair with a faint fragrance and softness: you can choose from orange blossom hydrosol, rose hydrosol and geranium hydrosol
5. Treatment of dermatitis, dandruff and itching treatment course: choose rosemary hydrosol, yarrow hydrosol or lemon balm hydrosol
6. Hair loss symptom care treatment: You can choose cedar hydrosol and rosemary hydrosol
7. Sensitive scalp treatment: choose German chamomile hydrosol
8. Special oily scalp treatment: choose Clary Sage Hydrosol, Orange Blossom Hydrosol

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