Birch Tar 3

Birch Tar

Botanical name: Betula Lenta 
Manufacturing Part: Bark 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: United States 
Product Information: 100% Natural Plant Hydrosol

In aromatherapy, there are several functions. Only birch can work. It can treat all kinds of muscle pain. It is not only a good analgesic, but also helps patients with rheumatism and arthritis, eliminates pain-causing toxins, and relieves pain And symptoms. For the treatment of cellulitis, birch is more effective than other essential oils. It can eliminate toxins from the body, and its diuretic and blood clearing effect can reduce edema, and it is the best choice for reducing pain and inhibiting inflammation. 

Contraindications: The amount of birch essential oil must be used with special care, and it is contraindicated during pregnancy.

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