Celery Seed Hydrosol 3

Celery Seed Hydrosol

Botanical name: Apium Graveolens 
Manufacturing Part: Seed 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: India 
Product Information: 100% Natural Plant Hydrosol

Celery is originally produced in southern Europe, and now only India, China, Hungary and other places have grown celery specialized in the production of essential oil. Modern herbalists also often use celery to treat depression caused by rheumatoid arthritis. And celery tea, Celery juice and celery tincture are also good herbs that modern herbal medicine often uses to treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones and other diseases.

Massage with celery seed essential oil can improve the problem of body fluid retention, and can also eliminate the toxins accumulated, so it is particularly suitable for the treatment of cellulitis, rheumatism, arthritis and gout, as well as pain and inflammation caused by the accumulation of uric acid. . Fresh celery seeds are added to food for seasoning. It has the function of nourishing the liver and digestive system. It can help lactating women increase milk secretion. The most important function of celery seed oil is to stimulate metabolism, especially to reduce fatigue and stress caused by stress. Fatigue, it can also be used to treat fatigue caused by viral infections. It has nourishing and invigorating effects. Celery is also a good menstrual regulator, which can treat symptoms such as menstrual disorders and insufficient menstrual blood.

Essential oils can be extracted from any part of celery, but aromatherapy and the most effective part are distilled from celery seeds. It has a strong but very good spicy taste, the color ranges from light yellow to dark yellow, and some special varieties The active ingredients in the orange essential oils include, cerdan lactone, celery brain, limonene, ostene, etc. Suitable essential oils include lavender, pine, callus, lovage, tea tree, oak moss, etc.

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