Chamomile Roman 3

Chamomile Roman

Botanical name: Chamaemelum Nobile 
Manufacturing Part: Flower 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: France 
Product Information: 100% Natural Essential Oil

The chamomile used in aromatherapy includes Roman and German chamomile. Another wild Moroccan chamomile is also very commonly used. These kinds of chamomile have similar effects. They are also one of the mildest essential oils. . German chamomile essential oil contains a large amount of azure hydrocarbons, which has the best anti-inflammatory effect, and is also most suitable for treating inflammatory symptoms in vivo or in vitro.

Taking a large amount of chamomile tea and diluted chamomile essential oil to massage the lower abdomen or apply to the inflamed area can treat internal inflammation and improve menstrual pain. Such as digestive system diseases, colitis, gastric mucositis and chronic diarrhea, cystitis, etc., It can inhibit infection and is especially suitable for the treatment or prevention of the urinary system. It also has a diuretic effect, reduces body fluid retention, and can treat menstrual pain or discomfort after menopause. In fact, all chamomiles have soothing, soothing, calming and anti-depression Efficacy. It can reduce premenstrual stress and emotional problems such as resentment. Tension and anxiety are often the basic reasons for the above diseases. Dilute a few drops of chamomile essential oil with fresh milk or vegetable oil in the bathing hot water for an aromatic bath or Massage can treat symptoms such as muscle soreness and arthritis. And the effect is very good.

It can also treat a variety of skin problems, especially sensitive skin, redness or dryness, such as eczema, peeling due to dryness, itching, and skin with erythema. It can be added to gel, lotion, vegetable oil or cream Chamomile essential oil can be directly applied to the affected area. If the area of ​​the affected area is too large, it can be diluted and then bathed in an aromatic bath. With a large amount of chamomile tea, the effect is better. The calming effect of chamomile essential oil is very good. , And many patients have skin allergic reactions when they are under pressure. Therefore, chamomile essential oil is used for treatment to receive physical and psychological benefits. Chamomile essential oil can be used as a substitute or mixed use of lavender essential oil. Hot bath water can improve insomnia, especially suitable for patients who need to rely on drugs to sleep peacefully.

Functional attributes : soft skin, anti-sensitivity, anti-convulsive, anti-depression, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial, anti-spasm, good for digestion, diuretic, good for liver, good for nerves, good for spleen, good for stomach, good for pain, antipruritic, antiemetic , Remove flatulence, promote bile secretion, promote scarring, pass menstruation, help reduce fever, induce sweat, treat trauma, and drive worms.

Efficacy for the mind : It has an excellent soothing effect. It can relieve anxiety, tension and fear, help relieve worries, relax people, feel peaceful and calm the mind, and is also very helpful for insomnia.

Physical effects : Its analgesic function can relieve muscle pain, especially pain caused by nervous tension, and calm headaches, neuralgia, and toothache. Chamomile is often used to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause, and regular menstruation. Reduce menstrual pain. It can also relieve stomach discomfort, relieve gastritis, diarrhea, colitis, gastric ulcer, vomiting, flatulence, enteritis, and various uncomfortable bowel diseases. It can improve jaundice, liver problems, and genitourinary tract problems. Chamomile It can stimulate the production of white blood cells, and then resist bacteria, strengthen the immune system to improve persistent infections, and fight anemia.

Skin effects : Relieve burns, blisters, ulcers, boils, and inflamed wounds. Help improve eczema, pimples, herpes, psoriasis, hypersensitive skin, and general allergies. It can calm broken capillaries, improve skin elasticity, and treat dryness Itchy skin is excellent. It can eliminate swelling and strengthen tissues. It is a very good skin purification and care product.

Compatible essential oils : bergamot, clary sage, lavender, geranium, tea tree, jasmine, grapefruit, rose, lemon, ylang ylang, baizhi, benzoin, marjoram, orange blossom, palmarosa, patchouli, etc. . Is a medium volatile oil.

Contraindications for use: It has a menstrual effect, do not use it during pregnancy. Do not massage the wound and swollen parts directly, and use cold compresses to prevent the wound from aggravating.

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