Clementine 3


Botanical name: Citrus Nobilis 
Manufacturing Part: Peel 
Extraction Method: Cold Press Method 
Origin of Origin: Italy 
Product Specifications: Classified as dangerous goods by the International Air Transport Association 
Product Information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

Ke Caimen mandarin essential oil is famous for refreshing the spirit. But at the same time, it can also balance the symptoms of insomnia. Ke Caimen mandarin is a kind between sweet orange tree and citrus tree. The oil is light yellow. It has refreshing The fragrance of citrus. Kecaimenkan essential oil can be easily combined with other essential oils, especially citrus and flowers. It is a medium to high volatile essential oil.

Contraindications for use: Citrus essential oil is very sensitive to light, do not apply this type of essential oil to the area exposed to the sun.

C 997214