Elemi balm 3

Elemi balm

Botanical name: Canarium Luzonicum 
Manufacturing Part: Resin 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: France 
Product Specifications: Classified as dangerous goods by the International Air Transport Association 
Product Information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

Elemi can treat skin and respiratory problems. It is very effective in treating chest infections. It is especially suitable for diseases with high sputum content like chronic bronchitis. Steam inhalation can relieve rhino-throat mucositis and sinusitis. Balsam is also a very good skin care oil, especially suitable for aging skin. It can reduce the production of wrinkles and has the effect of rejuvenating the skin. It also has the effect of sterilizing and accelerating wound healing, and can treat skin ulcers, dry cracks and allergic rashes. Elemi has a very good reconciling function, which can harmonize mental and physical. It is very suitable for meditation as an incense to help gain deep tranquility without feeling sleepy. It also has the properties of invigorating spirits, so it can be used to reduce stress , Especially suitable for patients who are exhausted due to stress.

Elemi is a tropical tree, it secretes resin, and its essential oil can be extracted by distilling its resin. Yellow elemi essential oil, smells very good, a bit similar to frankincense, but with a little more lemon flavor. Its main ingredient is Elemol, elemene, terpineol, absinthe terpene, limonene and fennel terpene, etc. Suitable essential oils include sage, frankincense, rosemary, myrrh and lavender. They are medium volatile essential oils.

This product is classified as dangerous Class III goods by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and cannot be shipped to Hong Kong and other countries that require air transportation.

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