Frankincense Flower Water Hydrosol 3

Frankincense Flower Water Hydrosol

Botanical name: Boswellia Carterii 
Manufacturing Part: Resin 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: India 
Product Information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

Frankincense has a special characteristic, it can deepen and slow down your breathing, and then make people feel calm. Therefore, it is very suitable for praying and meditators. Frankincense is very good for the lungs and is the most suitable for the treatment of respiratory infections One of the essential oils, it is an effective lung antiseptic, can relieve coughs, treat bronchial mucositis and chronic bronchitis and other diseases. Let patients inhale essential oil vapor, massage and bath, etc., are very effective. It can slow down Or deepen the patient's breathing, so it is suitable for asthma patients. It is best for asthma patients to use massage to expand the chest cavity to avoid obstructing the airway during an asthma attack.

It also has the function of calming emotions. For asthma patients, frankincense is a drug with dual curative effects. It can adjust breathing and soothe emotions, and avoid asthma caused by anxiety. Frankincense essential oil has a strong influence on the urethra and reproductive tract. , It has the effect of regulating the uterus. Patients can take a bath with frankincense oil when necessary, or perform a gentle aroma massage on the abdomen.

Frankincense essential oil is very mild, very suitable for skin care, but also often used in cosmetics and medicine. It is especially suitable for helping aging skin. It has a very fine conditioning function, which can help the skin restore elasticity, reduce facial skin relaxation, and also It can slow down the production of wrinkles and even smooth the small fine lines that have appeared on the skin. The Egyptians also used frankincense to preserve corpses to make mummies. Frankincense is native to small trees in North Africa and Arabia. When the bark breaks, it is secreted A drop of resin, distilled by distillation, you can get frankincense essential oil. The color of this oil is colorless to pale yellow, fresh and pure scent, and a bit of camphor. Its chemical composition is pinene, dipinene terpene, and phellandrene , Camphorene, frankincense pure and other rosin, etc.

Functional properties : antibacterial, astringent, flatulence, promote wound scarring, promote cell activation, digestion, diuresis, sedation, tonic, uterus, and wound.

Mind curative effect : make breathing no longer fast, make people feel calm and peaceful. Can calm anxious mental state.

Physical efficacy : It is particularly effective for breathing. It can clear the lungs, relieve short breaths and help asthma. It can regulate the secretion of mucus and is very useful for runny nose or phlegm in the throat. It can relieve cough, bronchitis and laryngitis It also has a soothing effect on head cold. Boswellia is also helpful to the genitourinary tract, can reduce cystitis, nephritis and general vaginal infections. Its astringent properties reduce the symptoms of uterine bleeding and excessive menstrual blood. Its soothing effect It is useful during childbirth, can relieve postpartum depression, and can also deal with chest inflammation. It can also soothe the stomach, help digestion, improve indigestion and hiccups.

Skin curative effect : It can give new life to aging skin. Its effect of smoothing wrinkles is excellent. It is a real skin care master. Its astringent properties help balance oily skin. It has curative effects on wounds, sores, ulcers and inflammation.

Compatible essential oils : basil, bergamot, cardamom, cedar cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, clary sage, coriander, geranium, ginger, black pepper, white rosin, grapefruit, lavender, sweet orange, lemon balm, canton Agastache, pine, sandalwood, etc. are essential oils with low volatility.

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