Jasmine Premium Absolute 3

Jasmine Premium Absolute

Botanical name: Jasminum Sambac 
Manufacturing Part: Flower 
Extraction Method: Food Grade Solvent Extraction 
Place of Origin: India 
Product Information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

The properties of jasmine essential oil are partly the same as those of roses. They all have the same functions as reconciling the uterus, treating menstrual cramps, uterine cramps and alleviating postpartum depression. Since ancient times, jasmine has been regarded as aphrodisiac, which can improve and strengthen male prostate hypertrophy Male sexual function is a good choice for improving sexual problems. It can not only affect the physiology, but also soothe the mind and emotions. Since most sexual problems are caused by emotional or psychological distress such as tension, anxiety or depression, Jasmine is an essential oil with relaxation and anti-depression, which can relieve the patient's body and mind, and naturally has the effect of enhancing sexual function.

Using jasmine essential oil for massage, its warm qualities do have a gentle and deep effect. It is very beneficial to stiff and contracted limbs. Its strong anti-depressant ability can treat people who are weak and lack of self-confidence caused by depression. It can also Treats coughs, especially coughs caused by mucositis and general chest infections or loss of voice. Jasmine essential oil is a very suitable oil for skin care. It can treat hot, dry and sensitive skin. Its smell is very charming, almost Everyone loves it.

If the rose is the “after the essential oil”, then jasmine can be said to be the “king of essential oils”. In fact, the masculine smell of jasmine essential oil is very strong, the color is very deep and viscous, and its smell is thick, so it has a very long lasting Odor characteristics. To produce a little bit of jasmine essential oil, a very large amount of flowers is required, and the price is therefore very expensive. Due to the change of plant phytochemical molecules, the scent of jasmine is particularly strong at night, so flowers must be collected at night to preserve the flowers Energy. Jasmine essential oil produced in Egypt and India is of the best quality. Natural ingredients include shallot, indole, benzoic acid, linalool and lavender ester. It can be matched with most essential oils, especially ylang-ylang or sandalwood with aphrodisiac function Incense, etc. It is a medium to low volatile oil.

Contraindications: The concentration of jasmine original essence is very high, the effect is very strong, and only a small amount can get the expected effect.

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