Lotus White Premium Absolute 3

Lotus White Premium Absolute

Botanical name: Nelumbo Nucifera 
Manufacturing Part: Flower 
Extraction Method: Solvent
Origin: India 
Product Information: 100% natural plant essential oil 

White lotus has a good calming and soothing function. It is often regarded as a symbol of awakening, the reason is it It blooms in the morning every day. Lotus essential oil is light yellow, has a very unique and sweet floral fragrance, with a slight herbal smell. It contains natural vitamin A (rosin oil) and vitamin C. It is very effective in promoting metabolism and helping cells Renew. Keep skin moisturized, soft and balanced. It can be mixed with all essential oils, especially suitable for combination with flower essential oils, and the effect is very good. It is a medium to high volatile oil.
L 997384