Palmarosa Palmarosa 3

Palmarosa Palmarosa

Botanical name: Cymbopogon Martinii 
Manufacturing part: Herbal
xtraction method: Distillation 
Origin of origin: Nepal 
Product information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

In traditional Indian medicine, Palmarosa has always been used to treat fever and infections. It is a very effective antiseptic. It is especially effective in treating gastroenteritis and other intestinal infections. It can kill Escherichia coli within five minutes. A stimulant for the digestive system, very suitable for the treatment of disorders such as loss of appetite or delayed digestion.

Palmarosa is also very suitable for skin care. It can stimulate cell regeneration, moisturize and stimulate and assist in the balance of sebum secretion. Its bactericidal function makes it a good medicine for treating acne, minor skin infections and even certain dermatitis. If used for a long time , It can also smooth fine lines on the skin and wrinkles on the neck. Palmarosa essential oil has a pleasant taste and maintenance effect, so it is often added to hand creams, moisturizing lotions and various skin care products. Rose Grass essential oil is a good massage or bath oil, very suitable for reducing stress or treating related diseases caused by stress.

Palmarosa is a grass with a special fragrance. It contains many rare or expensive plant substances, so it has a very unique smell. In Palmarosa essential oil, the content of citral is very high. The taste is between geranium and rose , The nature is very mild. It is usually extracted by distillation. The essential oil is light yellow or greenish. The main natural ingredient is citral (about 75-95%), as well as traces of citronellal, geranyl ester, etc. Palmarosa essential oil can be evenly mixed with many other types of essential oils, such as petals, woods, or citrus.

Functional attributes : antibacterial, antiviral, sterilizing, promoting cell regeneration, reducing fever.

Mind curative effect : It can boost and soothe emotions, and make people's mind quiet.

Body curative effect : It can play a cooling and antiviral effect, and it seems to be quite helpful for hyperthermia. Palmarosa is a tonic for the digestive system, and it has a function of inhibiting microorganisms or pathogens living in the intestines, especially dysentery. It can strengthen the stomach wall The muscles can help people with anorexia nervosa stimulate their appetite, and will have a positive effect on mood. Palmarosa can also relieve joint stiffness.

Skin efficacy : Palmarosa is very beneficial to dry skin. It can stimulate natural sebum secretion, promote the regeneration of epidermal cells, and restore moisture. For wrinkles or general skin infections, Palmarosa can also be used to treat.

Suitable essential oils : geranium, rosewood, sandalwood, cedar, bergamot, lemongrass, jasmine, lavender, lime, lemon balm, sweet orange, petitgrain, rose, violet, ylang ylang, Benzoin, juniper berries, etc. are medium volatile oils.

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