Spearmint 3


Botanical name: Mentha Spicata 
Manufacturing Part: Flower 
Extraction Method: Distillation 
Origin of Origin: United States 
Product Specifications: Classified as dangerous goods by the International Air Transport Association 
Product Information: 100% pure natural plant essential oil

In aromatherapy, spearmint essential oil can be used as a local anesthetic, can treat spasms, have astringent properties, can eliminate intestinal flatulence, relieve congestion, help digestion, diuresis, remove phlegm, excite people and speed up recovery after illness. Because of it There is an uplifting ability that can help relieve fatigue and ease depression. Spearmint is mainly native to the Mediterranean. It is a perennial herb. It has spear-shaped leaves and pink or lavender flowers. Spearmint The essential oil is light yellow to slightly green. The fragrance is sweet, has a fresh mint aroma, and is mild but not pungent. It is suitable for mixing with basil, birch, bergamot, eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender and rosemary essential oils. Genus Highly volatile essential oils.

This product is classified as dangerous Class III goods by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and cannot be shipped to Hong Kong and other countries that require air transportation.

QRS 997514