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How to use flower water pure Neutrogena 4

Facial spray: After mixing this product or several pure dews, make a facial spray, the skin can be quickly absorbed, and then feel dry, and then spray, the interval of dry skin will increase, repeat 10 times, the skin moisture content can be It improves a lot in a short time. After spraying once every 3 hours, the skin can maintain a hydrated and fresh state every day, and it has special effects on various skin types!

Drinking: three times a day, one tablespoon at a time. Of course, you can also add rock sugar and mountain dregs tablets to mix with water. Long-term drinking can improve breath, menstrual instability, dull skin, constipation and other problems caused by endocrine disorders. Use with caution)

Applying to the face: soak the compressed mask paper with pure dew, apply it to the face until 80% dry, and then remove it and throw it away. The effect is the best and most obvious; do not wait for the mask to completely dry before removing it, so the moisture and nutrients will be lost Suck it on the mask!

Replacement lotion: After each face wash, spray pure lotion on the face, gently pat the face with your hand, use it continuously for several weeks, the moisturizing of the lotion will increase by 16%;

Skin care: For example, as a toner, with base oil and essential oil to make cream or lotion, etc.;

Hair care: Spray on the hair to make the hair smooth and soft, prevent UV damage, and prevent the hair from being contaminated with oily smoke.

Bathing: Add a little pure dew for an aromatic bath;

Indoor spraying: As a pure natural air freshener, spray several times indoors to sterilize and leave fragrance. For extremely sensitive skin, please dilute it to 30% with purified water for the first use.