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Huashui Hydrosol has unlimited business opportunities in the future 4

Why do you use pure lotion moisturizer in Europe and America, but you use toner?

After cleansing, come to the second step of skin care-water! Which one do you use with so many toners, toners and lotions?

Not all! People now use pure dew!

Hydrosol is not expensive, and the skin care effect is very good. It is very popular in European and American countries where organic skin care is popular! But many people in Taiwan don't know it's good ~ they don't even know what pure dew is.

Regarding the skin care of Hydrosol, from my previous experience, I can tell you clearly that if basic skin care is recommended, it is especially recommended as a substitute for toner. For example, if you have skin allergies, acne, or dullness, in addition to general lotions, creams, essences, and other products, combined with hydrosol will make your skin better.

China’s 1.3 billion people know that flower water pure dew is also being used, but the quality is different. China also has its own distillery.
How to compare with the century-old distillery in Europe and America.

Advantages of Miseason Flower Water Pure Dew:
1. There are many items of flower water dew

At present, 157 kinds are continuously increasing, and it is very difficult to import various flower water dews from all over the world.
Ten years ago, no one used pure dew. Ten years later, there are more than one hundred pure dews. Foreign distillers have a lot of two or three types.
More than a dozen of the same industry is pretty good.
Who can have so many items in China in Taiwan and abroad, so it can meet various needs
It is not the same Bulgarian rose water dew.

2. Floral water dew does not add any floral substances

No additives is a very difficult thing. Just import it from abroad to Taiwan and ship it for 45 days. There is still a problem of preservation in Taiwan. It is impossible not to be damaged. Unless the tea plant has its own antibacterial ability, it must be bad.
Many foreign factories do not add additives, but some of its flower water has deteriorated and tastes not as fresh as the original, so how difficult it is to not deteriorate even in distillers.

We have a unique antiseptic and antibacterial technology to keep the flower water pure water fresh. No additives. Natural and organic is a trend. It is a skin care product that everyone wants to pursue.

3. Advantages of flower water hydrosol spray bottle

●It is filled with nitrogen to keep fresh, so it can isolate the air and inhibit the growth of bacteria under vacuum. It can also retain the fragrance of flowers. It can also be carried with you and can be refilled at any time.
●The business opportunity of spray bottle is unlimited and can retain the freshness of the freshly distilled flower water to the whole world.
●Flower water dew spray bottle is the future trend and the entry barrier is low. The company has helped you solve all the problems.
●If you are a person at the forefront of fashion, you can't miss the future development of Huashui Pure Dew.
●Europe, the United States and China, the rapid development of flower water hydrosols. Now there is no place for you without intervention.