True and false pure dew identification column
What is Hydrosol? 4

First, figure out what is pure dew? !
In layman's terms, the plant will be put into a large distillation pot after being picked. During the distillation process, the distilled product will separate oil and water. The upper oil is essential oil, and the aqueous solution of the lower essential oil is pure dew!

The biggest use of pure lotion is wet compress paper film (commonly known as "water film"). Some sisters use lotion on the face. In fact, it is better to use pure lotion, because generally lotion contains a lot of preservatives, fragrance, alcohol and other ingredients. These are all sensitizing ingredients. Long-term application on the face will irritate the face and cause allergies. Natural Pure Lotion does not contain any of the above additives. It is naturally mild and non-irritating. It is most suitable for daily application as a water film.