True and false pure dew identification column
What are the effects of Hydrosol? 4

After clarifying what the pure dew is, let us say what effect pure dew has.

From the perspective of the definition of cosmetic efficacy, compared with moisturizers, whitening agents, antioxidants, antibacterial agents, etc., the most suitable definition of hydrosol may be considered as a skin conditioner. Skin conditioners, as the name suggests, are particularly difficult to summarize the main core functions. In combination, they have many benefits for the skin and can play a role in conditioning and improving the skin.
What are the ingredients in Hydrosol and what are the conditioning effects on the skin? We will explain one by one next.

There are many varieties of hydrosols, and they generally contain water-soluble organic acids (not the acid we often say, they are much milder than those acids), so the most typical effect may be anti-inflammatory. Pure dew has anti-inflammatory effects, but it is different in strength. Secondly, it is soothing and calming, supplementing some nutrients that the skin needs, that is, skin conditioning.
Hydrosols suitable for oily and acne-prone skin are mostly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, astringent hydrosols, such as tea tree hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, rosemary hydrosol, peppermint hydrosol, witch hazel hydrosol and so on.
A pure lotion for sensitive skin and some dermatitis. It is mostly pure lotion with calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Common ones are chamomile hydrosol, orange blossom hydrosol, jasmine hydrosol, calendula hydrosol and so on.

The most popular with all kinds of skin is Rose Hydrosol. It has a pleasant fragrance and a balanced effect. It is anti-allergic, relieves stress on the skin and brightens the skin tone.
There are also some that are slightly less popular and scarce, but the effects are also sought after by aromatherapy enthusiasts such as permanent flower hydrosol, blue lotus hydrosol, sandalwood hydrosol and so on.

In general, Hydrosol has the skin conditioning effects of anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming, moisturizing and brightening the complexion, and supplementing trace skin nutrients.