True and false pure dew identification column
The smell of pure dew 4

Pure natural pure dew smells, it is a natural smell, very fresh, but most of the first time you come into contact with pure dew, you will feel that it does not smell very good, but it is absolutely certain that the smell is not the artificial fragrance in common skin care products the taste of.

For example, the taste of lemon, the girls who have eaten fresh lemons, think about the taste of lemon freshener, compare it to what is the difference? Probably this is the feeling

Pure natural pure dew is not necessarily fragrant. In fact, except for a few types of pure dew (such as rose pure dew, orange blossom pure dew, jasmine pure dew, etc.), other pure dews are not very smelly, a bit like herbal Plants are the life given by nature. They do not exist for us, nor do they please our sense of smell. Each hydrosol has its own temperament, or it is gentle and beautiful like a rose, or maverick, not like chemical perfume products. It is so aromatic, but if you feel it carefully, you can experience its natural and pure taste.

Pure natural distilled hydrosols are affected by climate and planting environment. Even different batches of hydrosols from the same farm will not have the same odor. The same batch of hydrosols will increase in odor as the storage time increases. The stronger the flavor, the freshly distilled Rose Hydrosol will generally have a greener taste, and the taste and efficacy will be the most charming after a period of storage for one or two months. This is not like lotion containing essence on the product line on the market. The fragrance of the lotion is immutable, while hydrosol is the life of plants, and its taste changes. Pure dew will blend different compounds with each stage of extraction, standing to maturation, so the aroma will also change at different levels, which is normal.