Baby skin eczema 3

Baby skin eczema

Baby diaper rash, red ass, chamomile hydrosol, a good helper for anti-inflammatory

Once the baby suffers from diaper rash, not only will the whole ass become red, but also cry as soon as it hurts. The French aromatherapy lecturer said that if a baby who has been wearing diapers for a long time has diaper rash, he may wish to spray lavender or German chamomile dew on the affected area moderately, or add it to the baby’s bath water to alleviate the baby’s "red butt" "Effect.

The French aromatherapy lecturer Lucia Posson stated in his book "The Complete Book of Pure Dew Aromatherapy " that pure dew is a water product extracted from plants through steam distillation. Pure dew is called medicinal dew in China. Its active ingredients are not exactly the same as essential oils. Pure dew contains more organic acids with anti-inflammatory properties and other water-soluble plant components. These substances can only be retained in pure dew. Cannot stay in essential oils.

Hydrosol does not irritate the skin and can be added to bath water and wet tissues

Hydrosol is a precious substance to protect children's health. Hydrosol will not irritate children's delicate skin, and it is highly accepted by children. When a child's diaper rash occurs, add lavender or German chamomile hydrosol to the child's bath water or use a wet tissue for wiping the bottom.

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