Q13: Other methods used by Hydrosol 3

Q13: Other methods used by Hydrosol

The use of common hydrosols is as follows:

1. Drinking: You can drink it directly or brew rock candy, wolfberry, red dates, chrysanthemum, hawthorn slices, etc. Long-term drinking can improve breath, menstrual instability caused by endocrine disorders, dull skin, constipation, etc., but use it with caution.


2. Applying on the face: It is best to make a facial mask or apply the facial mask paper to wet the face with pure dew.


3. Use as a toner: The texture of pure lotion is as clear as water, and its permeability is stronger than that of ordinary toners. It can quickly replenish the moisture that our skin needs without any burden. Because it retains the original botanical flavor of plants, it does not need to add any flavors and fragrances. It can be used directly as a toner, or used to apply or steam the face.


4. Skin care: If used as a lotion, use with base oil and essential oil to make cream or lotion.


5. Moisturizing spray: Make a pure dew spray, use it when you feel the skin is dry, the skin can be quickly absorbed, and continuous use can keep the skin hydrated and fresh.


6. Hair care: Spraying on the hair will help the hair be smooth and moisturized, and prevent UV damage and oily fumes.


7. Bathing: Add pure dew for an aromatic bath.


8. Indoor spraying: As a pure natural air freshener, spraying indoors can sterilize and deodorize.


9. Eyewash: Green myrtle, Roman and German chamomile and cornflower are the only hydrosols that can be used directly on the eyes, and can be used as a milder and more effective substitute than commercially available eye drops. It is important to make sure that the hydrosol you use in your eyes is absolutely fresh and uncontaminated, and does not contain preservatives, alcohol or other diluents.

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