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Q12: Can Hydrosol be used as a facial mask

Why replace the essence in the mask with pure dew?
Too much chemical moisturizer, chemical colloid,
Artificial flavors or adding alcohol and other volatile substances for the sake of convergence will not only damage the skin’s natural sebum film, but also
It will also cause irritation and burden, and long-term use will also accumulate on the skin, causing many sequelae.

Hydrosol is a very important source of plant ingredients in the cosmeceutical profession, because the ingredients of hydrosol also contain plant extracts and have high compatibility with the skin.
The chemical structure of pure water is different from ordinary pure water, which is very useful for body conditioning. It can replace pure water to prepare various skin care products such as facial masks.

Hydrosol has a small molecule and is milder than essential oils, making it more suitable for children and various skin types.
It also contains the water-soluble fragrance of the vanilla plant, which can directly replace the additional chemical fragrances in skin care products.

It replaces the traditional facial mask essence with pure natural plant dew aromatherapy. It is a fashionable natural plant maintenance method in recent years, because natural plant pure dew can restore the skin's oil level, stimulate metabolism, promote cell activation, etc. Multiple skin beautifying effects. It is especially suitable for problem skin. It has a good therapeutic effect on dermatitis, eczema, sun damage and other symptoms.

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